Cilicon Unveils The ELEV Air2 Vaporizer


Cilicon unveils a brand new 3ml disposable cannabis vape device – the ELEV Air2

Cilicon recently introduced a newborn ELEV Air2, expanding its disposable sizable product portfolio and building on its success in elegant design integration and continuous improvement in developing a powerful and larger capacity feature of the disposable cannabis vape device.

The Cilicon ELEV Air2 challenges the limit of microporous ceramics in cannabis atomization and redefines the intersection of super large capacity and atomizing performance. With the launch of this new product, Cilicon has once again fulfilled its commitment to innovation. At present, ELEV Air2 has been mass-produced and started to penetrate the cannabis market.

For those who pursue convenience, persistence, and powerful weed vaping experiences, the ELEV Air2 provides the perfect product solution that allows vapers to strike a balance between economic benefits and user experiences. Highlights of the product include:

Eliminate Ceramic Embrittlement
Large capacity vaporizers often need to be equipped with higher quality ceramic atomization technology. Otherwise, repeated suction will cause ceramic embrittlement or even crack in the vaping process. ELEV Air2 effectively avoids the brittleness of ceramics due to repeated heating processes by increasing the area of Formatrix™ heating microporous ceramic by 43%. At the same time, the structure of microporous ceramics was improved to achieve a more stable vaping performance and delicate taste consistently based on the longer vaping time demanded by users.

Vape Clogging Resolution
The longer the vaping suction time, the higher the risk of clogging vape devices. ELEV Air2 employs the patented Duair™ Technology as an effective solution to the industry’s pain point by mitigating the clogging issue. ELEV Air2 guarantees a smooth vaping journey with bold, pungent, and consistent flavor utilizing the cutting-edge technologies to live your vaping experience up with no worries.

Product Differentiation Option
ELEV Air2 creates a ceramic-like and superior texture by employing plastic materials, providing a refined yet cozy sense both in vision and touch. The secret of product differentiation lies in the extraordinary CMF technique, using double-color injection molding to enrich ELEV Air2’s visual expression and aesthetic value to impress users.

Customizable Solutions
ELEV Air2 provides many customizing options for users ranging from specific design detail to the entire vape device body. You can customize the color of the decorated ring by selecting your color and texture preference, along with the desired printing information for your product appearance, creating your exclusive and inimitable ELEV Air2.

The Chief Product Officer of Cilicon, Li Pan, states, “We always strive to bring new advances to the cannabis market and meet our customers’ imagination and exploration of future product development at Cilicon. ELEV Air2 is our new 3mL one-off product solution to meet consumers’ further pursuit of large-capacity products. It combines Duair™ airway technology and bionic BioBaleen™ technology, integrated with a well-formulated Formatrix™ ceramic system, making it one of the most excellent weed vaporizer performances. In terms of product appearance design, we use the two-color injection molding process, which is often used in cosmetics manufacturing, to meet the differentiated needs of consumers for a stylish and younger appearance, making it unique.”

See the video here – Cilicon Unveils The ELEV Air2

With exceptional cost-effectiveness, astonishing performance, and unique product design, ELEV Air2 will be an impressive colossal disposable vape solution for the cannabis industry. Scientific microporous ceramic design integrated with an innovative CMF process and humanized customization scheme perfectly mitigates the risk anticipation toward larger capacity product selections in response to satisfying consumer expectation of convenience, long-lasting, and robust vaping experience.

About Cilicon
Cilicon is an entity established with one dream that is fully committed to improving our clients’ daily lives through our innovative vaping technology. We are equipped with world-class facilities to develop a comprehensive cannabis vape entity with cutting-edge product research and development technology, reliable quality manufacturing, and exquisite consumer service.