Concentrates Are The Future And Shatterizer Is Leading The Way


There was a time in the not too distant past that concentrates were a niche offering. Only the most dedicated would reach the dizzying heights of making their own concentrates, (they were hard to find and inconsistent when you could find them), or using them regularly. To compare that with the current market for concentrates is like looking at sepia photographs of your grandparents: you know they were young once, but the way they lived was so different.

Shatterizer is a company that is taking that revolution further, offering high quality and consistently excellent concentrate vaporizers that were impossible to source for any reasonable price only a few years ago. Catering to a more grown-up market of professionals and people with families, they reflect the maturity of the market and the opportunities for marijuana users in the legal states. When using concentrates Shatterizer have made a serious bid for the hard earned dollars of the vaping public.

What Is A Concentrate?
For the uninitiated, a concentrate is a denser form of a solution. Whatever solvent the desired chemical is dissolved in is driven off, leaving behind a concentrated substance. There are lots of names for concentrates and lots of types of concentrates, including dab, shatter, oils and more. Shatterizer are one of the leading producers of vaporizers explicitly designed for the consumption of concentrates in a discreet and tasty way.

The advantages of concentrates are that they are portable, discreet and vaporize better than dry herbs in many cases. Basically the part of the cannabis plant without the need to smoke anything, the vapour produced from concentrates is only as good as the cannabis used to make it, but it is usually much healthier to consume it this way. There are no concentrates Shatterizer devices cannot vaporize and give a good result.

The Concentrates Shatterizer
The first concentrates Shatterizer vape was released only in 2017 but they have already made waves in the vaping market, offering remarkably powerful devices for what seems like pocket change. Truly, this is a good time for vapers with so much on offer. It can make it difficult to choose. There is review after review marking the Shatterizer kit as some of the best budget vapes around. This is another.

Shatterizer – Shattering The Competition
Shatterizer are clearly a company that was formed on the idea that they could do a better job than what was out there. The Shatterizer is a response to users’ complaints and desires about concentrates. It is as if they took the average of all the best portable vapes put it all together, improved it and sold it for a low price. It is priced fairly, usually around $65, and currently comes in three forms – the original, the silver and the black versions. They are all the same except for the styling.

Designed in Canada by someone who is heavily into vaping themselves, the design incorporates a borosilicate glass vapour pathway, a 20 second heat up time, 4 hours of vaping, three temperature settings and a decent sized chamber for dabs.

The most remarkable thing about the Shatterizers is the quality of the vapour. Nothing quite compares to this in the price range. There are only 3 temperature settings but each is well placed to give extremely tasty and thick vapour. It is not as good as a Mighty, (for about 1/5th the price, it would be hard to expect the same results), but it can hold its own against nearly everything else. Not only is the vapour thick, creamy and delicious, somehow Shatterizer have engineered their devices to have one of the smoothest, least drag-resistant pulls on the market. This makes for extremely pleasurable toking, requiring minimal effort for a cloud of vapour that only a few years ago would have required a desktop concentrates vape.

Concentrates Are The Future
When it comes to concentrates Shatterizer are leading the way. With the recent decriminalization and legalization of cannabis products in much of the United States and in other countries, along with better availability of other reliable concentrates, the manufacture of vaporizers and accessories is developing and growing. The investors into Shatterizer will be rubbing their hands with glee as the competition is left in a cloud of tasty, tasty vapour.

By concentrating cannabis into shatter, dab or wax, the healthiest and quickest option for getting all those delicious cannabinoids into the bloodstream is available. Vaping has become a much healthier alternative to smoking and the arrival of truly portable vaporizers a decade or so ago has changed how millions of people consume their cannabis products. It is not just the ex-smokers or trying-to-quitters, vapes offer a flavoursome and enjoyable experience to nearly everyone who enjoys inhaling but doesn’t like the prospect of growing malignant tumours in their lungs and other body parts.

Shatterizer Review
With the introduction of the Shatterizer in 2017, the quest for the best portable vape took on a new dimension. It was as if the weed-vaping world had seen the light. This was a device that incorporated all the good bits of everybody’s favourite vapes and left out all the bad bits.

Small, discreet, cool looking but not obviously a device for taking possibly illegal drugs, the concentrates Shatterizer makes the competition look flimsy by comparison. It is not the most rugged of devices, with the borosilicate glass mouthpiece, nor is it the simplest, but both those attributes are sacrificed, (in a very small way), for the far superior quality that the device offers.

Load up the 3mm chamber with a bit of shatter, turn the machine on, wait 20 seconds or so for it to reach the desired preset heat, (the LED will indicate it is at the right temperature), and take a whack. The cool glass globe thing gives the vape plenty of time to cool before it hits your lips, making it one of the coolest and most consistent hits on the market, even comparable to some desktop hits. It is that good.

The three different temperatures are indicated by a red/white/blue LED. Red is the lowest temperature, blue medium and white the highest. Each one gives distinct and quality vapour quality and when used properly can get the most from any session.

Cleaning and maintenance is a breeze and requires no special equipment. Just disassemble and clean down the parts, making sure they are fully dry before reassembly. Don’t forget the concentrates carrying chamber on the bottom: just unscrew it and keep your dab nice and safe for immediate use. It is non-stick, another great feature that comes from the designer’s extensive experience.

The heating unit gives a choice of dual quartz coils and CTECH ceramic coils if you feel like it. The different effects these two materials have can make for some enjoyable experimentation and a reliably precise vape when you discover the right combination. This makes for a very consistent vaping quality and no unevenness in the taste or thickness, even towards the end of a session. One particularly neat feature is the option to heat continuously for 15 seconds, giving the biggest blast you could imagine. This is a bit of a party trick but when you need a deep hit, it is just the thing.

The future contains concentrates; these concentrates will be vaped by Shatterizers.

Article by: Namaste Vapes