The Top 7 Places To Get High In Canada


With recreational legalization becoming ever closer in Canada, the time is right to discover the gems this nation holds and find the best places to get high while visiting there. While it is certainly a more acceptable pastime these days, please respect others and enjoy your Mary Jane in a discreet and law abiding manner. Canada is known for its beautiful landscapes and boasts some of the largest parks and nature reserves in the world. It is famed for its outdoor havens and is sure to have something for even the most reserved adventurer.

In this article we will take a closer look at some of the most iconic places Canada has to visit. With an endless list of activities to enjoy in Canada, the tourists are sure to keep flocking. Be it skiing, hiking or even shopping, there are places to enjoy for everyone of all ages and interests. Try using a Sativa strain like Super Silver Haze on your outdoor adventures; this strain is known to produce energy & awareness making your trip an even more enjoyable experience. I would recommend using a vaporizer rather than smoking, as it is not only considered a healthier alternative it is also proven to provide a cleaner, fresher high.

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7. Toronto
Toronto is one of the largest cities in Canada. Home to many of the countries finest buildings and skyscrapers, Toronto is quickly becoming one of the most visited cities in Canada.

● CN Tower – The CN Tower boasts some of the finest views Canada has to offer. It is the third tallest building in the world, having only recently given up its crown after 32 years of being the tallest. The CN Tower has a viewpoint & dining options and is a very popular destination for tourists. Enjoy the views.
● Lake Ontario – One of the 5 Great Lakes of North America, Lake Ontario is a joy to behold. With several beaches, walkways and structures like lighthouses to see, it comes as no surprise that Lake Ontario is such a tourist attraction. Enjoy longs walks or just sit back and enjoy what is happening around you.
● High Park – Suitably named, High Park is one of the finest attractions Toronto has to offer. Take a few hits of your vape pen and get lost in the glorious landscape. Since the hint is in the name, it’s pretty difficult to leave this one off the list.
● Canada’s Wonderland – This is one of the most enjoyable experiences Toronto has to offer. Get yourself nice and relaxed before you embark on some of the most fun you will have in years. Let the inner child in yourself out and have a ball!
● Kensington Market – If you haven’t by now already worn yourself out, try winding down at the Kensington Market. With several artisan foods and many arts & crafts on offer, this unique attraction is sure to pull you in.

6. Vancouver

Situated on Canada’s scenic west coast, Vancouver is an ever-growing hub of cultural diversity. Boasting citizens of all ethnicities & surrounded by unrivalled views, Vancouver is sure to have you hooked in no time.

● Stanley Park – Stanley Park is the centre of all things picturesque in Vancouver. With over half a million trees, the views and walkways in Stanley Park are hard to beat. The park itself was actually named the ‘Top park in the entire world’ by TripAdvisor in 2004
● Lynn Canyon – Lynn Canyon is home to some of the most enjoyable experiences Vancouver has to offer. From the suspension bridge to the park, a day at the Lynn Canyon is sure to leave you both tired and fulfilled.
● Lost Lagoon – This is one of the most wildlife dense areas of Vancouver, with many species of rare birds and animals frequenting the area. The views are outstanding and the fountain, which was erected for the Golden Jubilee, would rival even the Bellagio of Las Vegas.
● Burrard Inlet – The best place to enjoy the busy day to day of the inlet is from the English Bay area. Boat trips to view whales can be organised and if something simpler and more relaxing is your thing, the sunsets are difficult to beat. Simply puff on your Vapium vaporizer and watch the world go by.
● Bloedel Floral Conservatory – Based within the ground of Queen Elizabeth Park, the Bloedel Conservatory is one of Vancouver’s most impressive spectacles. Designed in a dome shape, the conservatory is home to some of the worlds finest exotic plants and wildlife. You are sure to be impressed.

5. Vancouver Island
While you are on your travels near Vancouver, it would be a sin to skip the delights Vancouver Island has to offer. Known for its sheer beauty, this island treasure is a must see.

● Butchart Gardens – The Butchart Gardens located near Victoria are famed for their floral displays. Boasting over 1 million visitors a year, it comes as no surprise to see this place on many a traveller’s bucket list.
● Pacific Rim National Park Reserve – One of the finest parks on Vancouver Island, Pacific Rim is a must see. With opportunities to see a wide range of wild animals both land based and maritime, Pacific Rim Park is popular with many. They have campsites close to the Long Beach area which is the perfect place to kick back and enjoy your vaping.
● Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park – The beach at Rathtrevor is one of the most stunning things you will see in Canada. At low tide it can stretch for a kilometre into the strait of Georgia and during spring Brant Geese use the beach for staging. With more opportunities to camp and get closer to nature, Rathtrevor Beach is perfect.
● Victoria Butterfly Gardens – There are approximately 6,000 animals who call the Victoria Butterfly Gardens home, including 75 different species of butterfly. This is the perfect place to get close to nature and witness some truly beautiful species.
● Strathcona Provincial Park – It is the largest of all the parks on Vancouver Island, while also being the oldest in British Columbia. There are some spectacular views and several hiking opportunities. Make the most of your trip to Vancouver Island and take in the beauty in all its forms.

4. Quebec City
Quebec City is truly one of the most picturesque places on the Planet. It is one of the oldest cities on the North American continent and its incredible architecture is a joy to behold.

● Montmorency Falls – The Montmorency Falls are one of the most unbelievable sights you will ever see. A staircase provides you with the opportunity to view these wonderful waterfalls from a perfect viewpoint. The Montmorency Falls are situated within the grounds of Parc Montmorency.
● Old Quebec – Some of the world’s most impressive architecture is on display in the Old City. With these truly mesmerising designs, Quebec City is a picture you simply cannot describe. Take a wander through and take in some of the sights such as La Cittadelle. You are sure to be impressed.
● Observatoire de la Capitale – Quebec is a city which is rich in its colonial heritage, with a vast portion of French speaking citizens. Take a look at this cultural brilliance from the prime position – the Observatoire de la Capitale. You will struggle not to enjoy these views after a few refreshing draws from your Vaporizer.
● Joan of Arc Garden – Since its creation in 1938, the joan of Arc Garden boasts some of the most beautiful floral displays in Canada. With a mixture of French & English garden styles, unwind and enjoy your surroundings in one of Quebec’s most relaxing places.
● Valcartier Bora Parc – I may have left the most fun until last, the Valcartier Bora Parc. Hit that vaporizer hard and let the fun overcome you. With a selection of slides and other activities, this waterpark is certain to get your heart pumping.

3. Whistler

Whistler is one of the most famous holiday destinations Canada has to offer. A well known ski resort, Whistler has played host to the winter Olympic Games.

● Garibaldi Provincial Park – Some of the most impressive mountain climbing opportunities in the world. With any amount of views and wildlife to appreciate, it would be difficult not to enjoy a well earned hit at the summit of Mt. Wedge.
● Shannon Falls Provincial Park – Another fine example of Canadian natural landscape is found at Shannon Falls Park, the waterfalls among other attractions make for excellent viewing and are easily enjoyed.
● Nairn Falls Provincial Park – An easily accessed natural wonderland, the Nairn Falls park is within driving distance of Whistler and is another Park which is worth a look.
● Alpha Lake Park – Having been hiking and adventuring for long enough, the Alpha Lake park is a more relaxing kind of sight. With some of the most incredible views British Columbia has to offer this is certainly a must see.
● Whistler Blackcomb – The famous ski resort, Whistler Blackcomb is a must visit on your trip to Canada. A few hits from your Vapium+ and you will be ready for a day on the slopes. With picturesque Chalets & excellent treks, Whistler Blackcomb is a must.

2. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of the most famous landmarks in the world. It is a collection of three enormous waterfalls that are situated on the border between the USA & Canada.

● Skylon Tower – An excellent place to visit, Skylon Tower provides you with some of the finest views of Niagara Falls. With restaurants and an arcade, you are sure to be entertained on your stoner adventure.
● Rainbow Bridge – One of the biggest tourist attractions in Niagara Falls, the Rainbow bridge which connects Canada with New York, USA is truly brilliant. A trip along this bridge is sure to grab your senses with views difficult to rival.
● Niagara Park Butterfly Conservatory – Another of Canada’s famous wildlife reserves, this is a must see when in the Niagara Falls area. With a wide range of species of butterflies you are definitely going to enjoy this relaxing haven.
● Bird Kingdom – Sticking with the wildlife genre, the Bird Kingdom of Niagara Falls is a joy to behold. The largest indoor aviary in the world, Bird Kingdom boasts an enormous selection of birds from around the world.
● Niagara Falls – It would be a shame to visit Niagara Falls without actually visiting the waterfalls themselves. Easy access is guaranteed so be sure to get proper use out of your portable vape before taking on these incredible views.

1. Banff

Banff is one of the most visited places in Canada. Nestled amongst the Rocky Mountains, this picture of beauty is sure to blow you away. Grind up your green and get ready for one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life. Banff hasn’t got the reputation it has for nothing.

● Lake Minnewanka – One of the most beautiful scenes you could ever witness can be found at Lake Minnewanka near Banff. The lake has hiking & mountain biking trails and an option to take boat tours if you prefer to save your feet.
● Banff Gondola – If you do nothing else on your trip to Banff, make sure you go on the Gondola. It is a cableway ride which links you to viewpoints on sulphur mountain. It is hard to compare to anywhere else in the world & a few sneaky puffs before departing is the best way to appreciate these incredible surroundings.
● Bow Falls – Despite being relatively small in size, the Bow Falls near Banff remain one of the most visited places in Canada. They are a joy to behold and a perfect way to spend a day.
● Banff Upper Hot Springs – One of the most relaxing places Canada has to offer. These hot springs were built specifically as a retreat and with views into the valley facing Mt. Rundle, their popularity comes as no surprise. The hot springs are a perfect way to wind down after a busy day of touring: hit your favorite vaporizer with some tasty Indica, kick back and relax.
● Banff National Park – The Banff National Park and all its attractions is in my opinion the best place to get high in Canada. Boasting some of the worlds most emphatic views and attractions, it isn’t surprising to see Banff remain as one of the most talked about and visited places in Canada.

With endless places to visit and appreciate in Canada, the news of legalization is welcome. As I mentioned earlier, be sure to get yourself a top quality vaporizer like the Vapium Summit Plus for your trip – you won’t regret it. The Canadian people are sure to benefit from the tourism its Cannabis legalization will produce and with sights and landmarks such as the ones I’ve mentioned, you will have little difficulty enjoying your Cannabis in Canada.