The Ultimate Guide To Vaping

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Medical Marijuana has gained widespread acceptance in recent years. Today, the average Cannabis consumer has a wide range of options to choose from. For instance, you can choose to enjoy your daily dose of Marijuana using specially made weed candies. Alternatively, you can opt for pre-filled Cannabis syringes if you are really serious about your herb.

However, the most popular way to consume Cannabis currently is through vaping. New weed users are particularly fond and attracted to this form of weed consumption as it is both cool and convenient.

For those unfamiliar with this particular mode of Cannabis consumption, vaping is the heating of a substance – in this case Cannabis – into a fine vapor. The process does not involve any combustion. Vaping is considered a much healthier option than traditional smoking as a person does not inhale any smoke – only clear vapor.

As more and more people turn to vaping as their preferred way of consuming Cannabis, it is important to equip yourself with the right knowledge in regard to vaping, as there are plenty of vape tricks and tips that can come in really handy – especially when starting out.

Top Tips for New Vapers

Get Familiar With The Different Vaping Devices In The Market
Not many people know this but there are actually many different types of vaping devices available to consumers from all over the world. Currently, there are 3 major types of Cannabis vaporizers available:

Desktop Vaporizers

These are monster vaporizers. They are not portable or compact in any way so you should not expect to carry them around everywhere you go. They are more like small plug-in appliances that are highly advanced but more expensive.

Spending a few hundred bucks on a table-top vaporizer like the Volcano Vaporizer will allow you to vape like a pro. You will be able to control temperature with great precision. Those who are familiar with the different types of terpenes and cannabinoids know that each type requires a specific and unique temperature to vaporize correctly in order release its much needed medical benefits.

A quality desktop vaporizer such as the Volcano Vape will allow you to enjoy the best flavors, something that most cheaper vaporizers may fall short on as they tend to make Cannabis taste roasted or burnt. If you are looking for a vaporizer that can help you medicate properly at home, the Volcano Vaporizer is the option for you.

Portable Vaporizers

Portable or dry herb/flower vaporizers are typically portable devices that can be easily held in the hand. They come in a wide range of options and boast of being compact and easy to use. You can expect plenty of trendy features from these devices but the main functions are mostly identical. Prices for these vary from very cheap to very expensive.

Portable vaporizers like the Davinci IQ basically heat up the dry herb/flower causing it to release vapor without any carbonization. Temperature control is limited unless you have a highly advanced model that will definitely be more expensive.
Handheld portable vapes such as the Davinci Miqro are perfect for people who want to have an experience that is very similar to actually smoking the dry herb/flower. However, it is good to note that because of how the chemicals in the Cannabis are released, the length and type of effect may vary with smoking.


Oil and cartridge vaporizers are probably the most common types of vapes out there. They are also referred to as pen vaporizers and are designed to be very tiny and discreet. Because they are battery powered, these vaporizers can be used on the go. They give some very strong effects.

The effects of oil and cartridge vaporizers are sometimes reported to be more similar to dabbing than smoking. However, different models achieve different effects due to their unique construction. Their general effectiveness and lower cost make the pen vaporizers a very popular option for vapers.

Choosing The Perfect Vaporizer For You
Now that you are familiar with the different types of vaping gadgets out there, what’s left is choosing the right vaporizer for you. You can check out How To Choose The Right Vaporizer For Your Needs to make the entire process fast and easy.

Choosing between dry herb/flower and oil/concentrates is not always easy. The decision mostly comes down to your specific needs and preferences. You can experiment with both vaping experiences to find out which suits you best.

Choosing The Right Material For Your New Vaporizer
After finding the perfect vaporizer for you and your preferred method of vaping, the next step is to find the right material to consume. This also comes down to your specific needs and preferences. So, you simply choose a dry herb/flower or oil/concentrate that you love and stick it into your device.

However, things can get a little complicated when dealing with oils and concentrates. Currently there are hundreds of companies making these products. This means that there are endless brands and flavors to choose from.

Because of this, many people prefer to research the chemical ingredients contained in their oils and concentrates. Most Cannabis oils and concentrates are organic, meaning they are pure and solvent-free. However, others have certain chemical solvents added to make them stronger or taste better. This is especially common with e-cigs.

Some companies pride themselves in offering ‘green’ products that have no added chemicals. Prices may vary depending on such factors. At the end of the day, what you put into your vaporizer does matter more than the device itself. This means that most of your consideration should be directed towards your choice of vaping material more than anything else.

Consider Your Usage
Vaping is very different from smoking or ingesting cannabis. The length and type of effect as well as the final results vary greatly between these modes of Cannabis consumption.

Desktop vaporizers provide pure and powerful hits of terpenes, while portable vaporizers – like the Volcano Digit – provide an experience that is very similar to conventional smoking.

Oils and concentrates provide a stronger or more concentrated hit that can sometimes be short-lived. Many people have reported that oils and concentrates achieve more of a mind high rather than a body high, making this option unsuitable for people seeking pain relief.

However, from my own experience, the nature of effects mostly depends on the quantity of active ingredients, (THC or CBD), other potent ingredients and the brand of cartridge. It is important to know the contents of the oil you are buying as some oils may have THC – which will cause psychoactive effects – while pure CBD oil will not.

Experiment with different materials, types and strenghts to see what suits you best.

Device Maintenance
It is also important to look after your device properly. Some people forget to take proper care of their devices which can result in an overall poor vaping experience, especially with the more expensive models.

Do not forget to regularly clean your device. A clean device ensures cleaner consumption and an overall good vaping experience.

At the end of the day, your individual choices will determine how great your vaping experience will be.

Happy Vaping Everyone!