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Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor MaxBloom to our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world.

MaxBloom is a leading high tech enterprise whose focus is on innovation, research and development, and manufacturing.

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For ten years and through seven generations of their LEDs, MaxBloom have been selling their lights to U.S. companies for re-branding. For this, their eighth generation of LED panels, the company have launched their own brand, MaxBloom, which they are selling directly to the public.

Six years ago, the company began a two year research program to discover exactly why LED lights were at the time producing acceptable results for vegetating cannabis, but not for bloom, resulting in only small, loose buds. The result was their 12 band spectrum with UV 380nm-420nm and Infra-red 720-760nm, delivering high PAR values and integrating 100w CREE LED COBS and multiple 5W Epistar LEDs.

MaxBloom offer three LED panel sizes: 400, 600 and 800W. Each one uses CREE COBs and Epistar LEDs and each has separate settings for veg and bloom. Each is dimable and their modular design makes for easy maintenance. Their optical lenses are insulated with silicone rubber for 100% waterproofing. UL fans make for a cool panel and a quiet grow.

Together with their own supplied hanging kit and a worry-free warranty with a no questions asked 30 days return promise, a three month free replacement and a five year manufacturer’s guarantee, the MaxBloom range is an attractive package. Add to all this the terrific prices that result from buying direct from the manufacturer and MaxBloom LEDs become an irresistible offer.

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Floor 5, Building 1
Donglongxing Industrial Park
Huaning Road
Dalang Street, Longhua New District

Telephone: +86(0)-755-278-85499

Email: info@maxbloomled.com

Website: MaxBloom LED

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