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Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor, Green Roads, to our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world.

With more than 30,000 five-star reviews and fans across the country, Green Roads creates wellness products that can help you own the day.

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Green Roads are led by a compounding pharmacist with 25 years’ experience helping her community get healthy.

Laura Fuentes had more than two decades of experience as a licensed compounding pharmacist on her resume when she first started creating our CBD oils, topicals and other products in 2013. Since then they’ve had two other pharmacists join the team, directly working with her on formulating and manufacturing their products. You may see other brands now trying to play catch up and claim that they have pharmacy or medical professionals on staff or as advisors. At Green Roads, pharmacists literally run the company, and that makes a huge difference. Laura’s personal standards are what drive their formulations, innovation, sourcing, manufacturing and lab testing day in and day out.

However, the difference in quality starts long before the CBD oil itself is formulated. It goes right back to the land where the hemp plants the CBD comes from is grown.

Green Roads believe American farms produce the best hemp and hand-picks farms in the U.S. to provide the raw materials for their products. They insist that the hemp extract from these farms have certificates of origin and analysis. These certificates show that the materials have been tested for pesticides, heavy metals and other contaminants from the soil. The raw materials are extracted using cutting-edge techniques, and to be extra sure of their quality and safety, they have those raw ingredients tested by an independent laboratory before they use them in our products.

Green Roads is a different kind of company that makes a different caliber of product. To this day, Laura Fuentes’ personal standards drive the entire company and she is committed to only creating products she would personally give her friends and family. Green Roads are determined to live up to this commitment every day, and serve their customers with humility and grace.

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601 Fairway Drive
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

Telephone: +1 (833) 462 8922

Email: support@greenroads.com

Website: Green Roads

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