420 Sponsor: Bonza Seeds


BonzaSeeds believes in offering only the highest quality seeds, which is why they carefully select only the best cannabis seed brands. They go to great lengths to make sure that you get the very best genetics and the highest quality viable seeds. They add new seed breeders all the time, but only after they have met with their stringent quality requirements.

BonzaSeeds has hundreds of cannabis seeds to choose from. They specialize is selling single seeds and pick and mix cannabis seeds. You can buy a single seed from all your favorite strains or in unlimited quantities. All prices displayed on their website are per seed. You can pick ‘n’ mix any seeds you want in any quantity. They pack seeds into clearly labelled packets for your convenience. Here are two examples of some of the seeds they offer.

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Email: Support@bonzaseedbank.com


  1. YES!
    Their website is a massive pain to use if you wanna talk to anyone/find anything out.
    And they whinge if you send too many emails “not on the same ticket”; but how are you s’posed to know that? Esp. if they don’t respond for days, or just don’t answer your query correctly..
    Their products are good (so far), And have had 2 deliveries get thru so can recommend for that.
    But third party hosted site for support is a joke; their customer service is unnecessarily complicated, and therefore bad!