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Nirvana Seeds Nirvana

Nirvana is a Cannabis seed breeder located in the heart of Amsterdam. In addition to offering their many fine varieties of hybrids through seedbanks, they also sell DIRECTLY to the customer. They offer a different “Weekend Whopper” (special) every weekend, have discounted package deals (two-strain selections with a germination kit and Solitabs).

Nirvana Shop also offers bulk discounts: For regular strains, purchase two packs of the same strain and receive a 5% discount, three of the same strain and receive a 10% discount, four of the same strain and receive a 15% discount, and purchasing five packs of the same strain qualifies for a 20% discount. For feminized strains, purchase two or more packs of the same Nirvana strain and receive a 10% discount and purchase two or more packs of the same Sativa Seedbank strain and receive a 17% discount. Those who wish to purchase in wholesale amounts may contact the physical shop for a list of wholesale prices and information on how to order.

Nirvana Shop has a monthly newsletter, in which you can be the first to read about new offers. Also in the newsletter are fun facts, extra information, shop announcements, starred reviews, and more. In addition, Nirvana Shop sometimes has newsletter-only offers which are ONLY advertised in the newsletter. This may take the form of a special “preview” of an upcoming special or, occasionally, of newsletter coupon codes.

Speaking of reviews, Nirvana publishes both positive AND negative reviews – they do not disallow a review on the basis that the reviewer’s opinion may not agree with theirs. Just another sign of their integrity. As is their excellent customer service, from their knowledge base where you can find tips and helpful information to Alice, the individual who runs their helpdesk. You will probably never need to use their helpdesk, but in the unlikely event that you do have a problem, it’s nice to know that she’s there and ready to take care of you (as are all of Nirvana-Shop’s staff).

If that’s not enough, Nirvana has a points-system. Every order you place adds points to your account based on the amount you spend. These points can be used (in 100-point increments) as “store credit” – if you have enough points, you can even pay for your entire order with them.

About Nirvana: Nirvana’s roots stretch back to the end of the ’80s when Nirvana’s founder was working at Positronics. He spent years traveling the globe collecting genetics from some of the finest strains and more years experimenting, growing, and cross-breeding what has gone on to become some of Nirvana’s best strains. He continued to expand his knowledge in some of Amsterdam’s well-known grow shops, and in 1995 Nirvana was officially founded. In addition to its range of first-rate Cannabis seeds that Nirvana ships worldwide, their shop in the heart of Amsterdam offers a range of Cannabis products including Hemp vinegar, Hemp ice tea, and “Eva’s Paradijs” Hemp liqueur. If you are ever in the neighborhood, you are welcome to visit with the friendly staff in person.