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Please join us in thanking MJ Seeds Canada for renewing their sponsorship to help further our mission of spreading Cannabis Awareness to the world. Without the support of sponsors such as MJ Seeds Canada we would not be able to continue operating a complicated website such as this for very long. If you appreciate the free information and friendship on this site, we ask that you also help our mission by supporting the sponsors who make this possible.


Introduction: MJ Seeds Canada started in 2009 and is a 100% owned and operated Canadian company based in Vancouver, B.C.. Unlike other seed banks that carry inferior seeds they only have the most popular strains people want. This allows them to buy well known strains in bulk to offer their customers the best prices possible. They also offer fast same day shipping with tracking to all countries of the world and unlike Dutch and British seed banks their shipping is more reliable and faster as Canada’s mail system is regarded as the best in the world.

Products Available: MJ Seeds Canada caries a variety of strains for your pleasure. Here are two examples of products they offer. Great White Feminized is the result of the genetic combinations of South Indian cannabis plants, Super Skunk and Brazilian strains, but is exhibiting mostly Indica properties. This strain can be grown whether indoors, outdoors or at a greenhouse. Although when grown outdoors, the typical harvest time would be around the last weeks of September when the location is in the north hemisphere or if in the south hemisphere, the last weeks of April would be a great time for harvesting.

Jock Horror Auto Flowering Feminized: While most hybrids are a mixed of two varieties with varying dominance, the Jock Horror strain is a blend of three namely, Northern Light, Skunk, and Haze. Its Northern Light parents give it its bountiful white trichosomes and its high yield potential as Northern Light is one of the best Indica varieties when it comes to yield. Haze, a strain that is said to have originated from Jamaica gives it sativa qualities while the Skunk parents make it a great choice for Skunk variety connoisseurs.

MJ Seeds Canada
MJ Seeds Canada

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Phone: 1-855-657-3337 or 1-604-563-0359

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