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Cannabis Generates $19 Million For Missouri Veterans

More Than 19 Million Dollars Going To Help Veterans, and Low Income Families.

Weed Replacing Alcohol A Growing Trend In The US

Cannabis Use Taking Over Alcohol Consumption

Marijuana Reclassification Might Help Bank Services For Businesses

Department of Justice moves to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug. It began formal proceedings on May 16. But won’t legalize state-level adult use and...

Florida Sen. Rick Scott Says He’s Voting Against Recreational Pot

Republican Sen. Rick Scott of Florida. Says he'll be voting in November against a ballot amendment to legalize recreational marijuana in his state. A deeply personal...

Ohio Recreational Marijuana Sales

On Friday, Ohio's 132 medical marijuana dispensaries will be able to apply for recreational sales permits. Such sales could begin by the end of June.

First Medical Cannabis Crop In Alabama Ready For Harvest

Is Alabama Ready For The First Medical Marijuana Harvest? Cultivators Are Ready!

Biden’s “Taking Care” Of Federal Cannabis Laws, But Is it Enough?

Biden may have reaffirmed his commitment to federal marijuana policy reform, but simply rescheduling won’t help those who have been most harmed by prohibition, say activists.

Happy Fourth Of July From 420 Magazine

Together lets celebrate this Independence Day! Enjoy all of these moments with your friends, family, and neighbors! Sharing your Big Ol' bag of Home...

Michigan Marijuana: Black Market Battles, Plummeting Prices

It’s been a great year for Michigan marijuana customers, who are paying less than ever for increasingly potent cannabis. As of November, the average retail...

Cannabis Industry Sales Slow After Pandemic Surge

Cannabis industry sales are declining in some of the most mature legal markets across the U.S. after surging earlier in the pandemic. Investment money is...

Pot Amnesty Boxes At Chicago’s Airports

Marijuana officially became legal in Illinois on Jan. 1 and with the weed came an interesting side effect: Chicago's airports have set up "cannabis...

Flavored Cannabis Marketing Criticized For Targeting Teens

NEW YORK - When New York's first licensed recreational marijuana outlet opened last month, the chief of the state's Office of Cannabis Management, Chris...

Smacked: Manhattan’s Second Recreational Weed Store

Smacked, Manhattan’s second legal, recreational cannabis dispensary is slated to open as soon as next week in Greenwich Village. The new pot-shop known as Smacked...

Oregon Farmers Sue Cannabis Giant Chalice Brands

Oregon small weed farmers and producers are suing cannabis giant Chalice Brands over consistent non-payment One of the largest purchasers of Oregon’s marijuana, Canadian-based Chalice...

Rosie Rowbotham Dies At Age 79

Rosie Rowbotham, Canada’s longest serving cannabis prisoner, has died at age 79. Rosie was Canada’s most determined & irrepressible hashish smuggler, doing over 20...

The Netherlands: Self-Medication Outstrips Prescription MMJ

Most of the 130,000 people in the Netherlands who use cannabis as a medicine to help with depression or pain, for example, buy the...

420 Magazine’s Plant Of The Month June 2024

June 2024 Plant Of The Month Winner @noydb07
Major Props to our member @noydb07 and their amazing Headband X Moneybush plant, earning the distinguished “Plant Of The Month” Title & Badge...

420 Magazine’s Photo Of The Month June 2024

June 2024 Photo Of The Month Winner @HappyHazmat88
Congratulations are in order for our member @HappyHazmat88 and their incredible photo of the month titled "Xylem Sap Oozing From Blueberry Cookies...

420 Magazine’s Nug Of The Month June 2024

June 2024 Nug Of The Month Winner @Braddah Waiheesohai 
Sensational representation from our member @Braddah Waiheesohai and the beautiful frosty 'Super Boof' Nug, earning the honorable “Nug Of The Month”...

420 Magazine’s Grow Journal Of The Month June 2024

June 2024 Grow Journal Of The Month Winner @Ke0ncp
Congratulations to our member @Ke0ncp and their winning Grow Journal of the Month, earning the distinguished “Grow Journal of the...

420 Magazine’s Member Of The Month June 2024

June 2024 Member Of The Month Winner @Carcass
Kudos to @Carcass for this remarkable achievement, our 420 Magazine Member of the Month, earning the distinguished “Member of the...