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Not a car guy but my son and I like to go to the car show! You certainly must be though :).
o yeah i have a 2017 mustang gt with a vmp supercharger kit it puts out 870hp
have a 1986 blazer custom built with a 350cid 6speed manual its pushing 530hp
and im working on my newest one for the old ladys bday its a 1969 camaro true ss number matching im putting detroit suspension under it and a ls7 with a tremec 6 speed manual.. yeah me in my father run our own shop we stay slammed we are the only ones in ky i think that are left doing it
Whooooooooooooooosh! That was the sound of all of that going over my head. There was an old car conversation yesterday in Derbybud's thread you just missed though!
o yeah of course i miss everything :48:

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