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    can hydro res be left 2 run 2 weeks without adjusting?

    Re: can hydro res be left 2 run 2 weeks without adjusting??? I'm not an expert on hydro, but i would say no. 2weeks is pushing it. You may have irreparable damage by the time you are back.
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    Organic Nutrients W Inorganic (PetrolChemical) based nutes

    Just wondering if anyone has had experience mixing or using both organic nutrients (blood meal, bone meal, bat guano etc.) along with standard 20-20-20 or 15-30-15 oil based nutes? I understand that using at the same time could harm the plant from nute burns. But what about starting out with...
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    Marijuana: The Green, Green Grass Of Home

    In other words, growing more than 1 plant is pointless, as each should easily yield 2-4oz, up to and over 1lb outdoor if done correctly.
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    Man Charged in $688K Grow Op

    haha 6kg of shake worth 15k? grab a fucking brain.... if only it were that simple
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    DWC Nutes

    Probably quite strong as it is a powder, and not a liquid specifically designed for hydro. i just thought it could be cut down to 25% or something. it dissolves perfectly, leaving no sediment at all. and has every nutrient a plant could need. but of course there are many other formulations that...
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    DWC Nutes

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    Lights without disrupting light cycle

    good stuff to know, thanks guys
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    Lights without disrupting light cycle

    Have you used it yet? any problems with the light cycle?
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    LEDs vs T-5s?

    The UFO LEDs are mediocre at best. If you scan the internet long enough you can run into some really decent fixtures that easily beat the UFOs. LED is the future. There will be debate over them for years to come because people aren't as familiar with it as they are other lighting options. In a...
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    LEDs vs T-5s?

    I think the biggest thing you're missing here is that a good LED carries both red and blue of the light spectrum. Fluoros only emit blue light & fluoros can get quite warm, LEDs much less so. masking any heat signals that may be picked up by police. Blue light is good for all stages, but more so...
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    DWC Nutes

    what do you think of this product? good for DWC? http://msds.plantprod.com/document/820
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    Newbie with some questions!

    Re: Newbie with some questions!! I would let them grow another few days to a week than set them into flower. never underestimate how fast the roots grow. when you transplant make sure it's in it's final pot. and make them as big as your closet can accommodate. but also note that the bigger...
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    Lights without disrupting light cycle

    And have you had any issues using the LEDs? light cycles continue to work as they should?
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    Lights without disrupting light cycle

    Highwatermark, that's the whole idea. so someone could work within the room using a green light to avoid interrupting the light cycle. you don't want any of the light to be absorbed. But what i really want to know is, what kind of light can be used? just a regular green ''party light'', or...
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