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  • Welcome to 420Magazine, thank you so much for your support. :high-five:
    I was just checking your products.
    Some wonderful equipment you have.
    I can't wait to see more of it in action around the forums.
    Its going to be a fantastic new addition for our members.
    Thank you. :thanks:
    Krissi Carbone
    Krissi Carbone
    JANE, Please check out some of this wonderful gentleman grower's success on his threads (if you can see past his trail of titles)
    Thank you Krissi. :thanks:
    I appreciate it.
    I was just checking their terrific lights.
    I would love to grow a garden as beautiful as yours with one of their lights.
    But I have prior commitments and couldn't possibly use one until next summer.
    But even I'm not sure.
    I have been talking to a skilled grower who is interested in becoming sponsored.
    I thought that's a great opportunity for both of them.
    I was impressed with the quality of their equipment and thought it should be showcased a bit more.
    Just trying to help.

    Hi Jane :ciao:
    I'm Bill obviously, I look forward to seeing your equipment doing well around the forums.
    I'm sure I'll bump into you here and there ;)
    Take care.
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