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    Autopot Feeding

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    Autopot Feeding

    Hi everyone. I ve been growing in soil/perlite mix. I've decided to change my setup and bought autopot system. I will be using 100 lt. resevoir with 4 pots. I coulnd't find any information about how to feed my babies using autopot. I'm currently using Advanced Nutrients Grow, micro, bloom, b52...
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    Cracked seeds but tap root is not growing

    Hey guys, I've been having this problem and don't know if its because I'm doing something wrong or seeds I bought are bad. I bought 3 White beery and 3 chocolate haze seeds online and used 4 of them already with no success. First I tried to germinate 1 seed between wet paper towels(6.5ph...
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    Need Advice On Deficiency & Nute Burn

    Hi, This is my second try. I believe one of my babies shows deficiency and nute burn at the same time. The other one does just fine. They had the same amount of nutrients and light since day 1. The one on the right 3 times bigger. I don't know the strains, so if anyone can identify the strains...
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    Deficiency Help Flowering

    Hi everyone. This is my second growth and I'm facing some problems. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Growing 2 atm, strains unknown. I germinated both at the same time. They both got same amount of light and nutes. The one on the right is 3 times bigger and very bushy. Small one is in...
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