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    1st Grow - Getting Ready To Flower - Questions Please

    I am getting ready to put my first two girls to flower. I have read and watch videos, made plenty of mistakes and still question my every move. 1 and 2 are now 2 months from sprouted seed. I read somewhere that the mother plant needed to be two months before cloning - so I waited. I took 7...
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    Cloning Questions

    OK - so I am almost 2 months into my first ever grow. The girls are doing quite well despite all my mistakes. I have kept my two oldest at 18/6 lighting because I read that I needed to wait at least two months before trying to clone... It is finally time. Now I have been reading everything...
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    First Grow - Northern Lights - LED - Gorilla Tent - 2016

    Well I tried removing the fan at the bottom and the temp raised from 83 to 91 in just a matter of minutes :( My fan at the bottom is just a little house fan - Im not sure how I could even use it where the inline fan is. I am not really worried about smell or that the tent has to remain open...
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    First Grow - Northern Lights - LED - Gorilla Tent - 2016

    Thanks for the explanation :) So you are saying I would be better off without the fan at the bottom blowing in. I will certainly give that a try. I added it because when I was first setting up and trying the equipment, turning everything on it raised the temps really fast inside the tent...
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    First Grow - Northern Lights - LED - Gorilla Tent - 2016

    HI, Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure what you mean by active vs. passive intake?? My inline exhaust fan is a 4". I will give the 'pointing the clip fan up towards the lights' a try. Thanks Again
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    First Grow - Northern Lights - LED - Gorilla Tent - 2016

    Hi All - I am new to this and kind of terrified - I have never done well with plants... That being said, I am trying! So, for the Journal Guideline questions, I will try... What strain is it? Indica (I believe). Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg. I have new girls from feminized seeds. If in...
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