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    2nd grow need a little advice

    Does she look ready 2nd grow still not sure on trichomes yet looks ready to me but thought I would ask here first before I chop I have started flushin her
  2. Bit less blur

    Bit less blur

  3. Best photo I could get

    Best photo I could get

  4. Best photo I could get

    Best photo I could get

  5. Best photo I could get

    Best photo I could get

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    How long would you guys say is left?

    First grow looking for info how long until these. Northern light girls. Are ready 5th week of flower. Photos are not great. I will post better one soon 1st) 2nd) 3rd) this is her when i first started too much streach sorted that
  7. 20171004_064334


  8. 20171004_064332


  9. 20171004_064327


  10. 20171004_064317


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    My first grow - Opinions please

    The plant at time of photo the lights had just came on before photos
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    My first grow - Opinions please

    Hi Bignugz420 Thanks for your reply. The bushy one is 6 weeks. And from base to head of plant she is a foot. and the smaller one lagged a bit. didn't think she would pop. she poped up 3 weeks after the bushy one is the smaller one is 3 weeks she is 6.1/2 inch. I was thinking it was pre flowers...
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    My first grow - Opinions please

    First grow northern lights feminised seed I am looking for other people's opinion on how there looking Can any one tell if there female or male when I checked I can seed like little hairs starting There out the tent for photos
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    Advice about lighting

    the temp is between 75 and 80f in the tent with 500 wight around 3 ft from canopy i only have one in there at the moment that i sprouted from seed northern lights i also have 2 clones gifted to me
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