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  • I am courious as to how your Mandala experience turned out. I have been around first time mandala people and would like to start w/ Satori?
    Grant, I had a spastic moment earlier and watered my plants with something that should only be used during flowering, wasnt a big watering just a wee one, will i do any harm to the babys, i made it up for the kush and forgot doh!! check my thread bro
    Hey GG,

    Had a quick peek at your thread, onto coco ooooo :p

    Would you take a look at my thread? Kush is worrying me, 8 weeks 5 days, not budding, plenty of white hairs to indicate its sex though, also a few ambers but not alot... its puzzling me so thought id see what u think

    Chow for now

    Buddy Vtec <3
    Just realized I don't have you as a friend on here. And you very well should be. Thanks for all the help you have given me. It is much appreciated.
    Hahaha, Friends with beneifts, We can give each other cards... nah not really, i added you on here as a friend just because you have been giving me alot of help, you didnt have to, i mean come on its my first grow ever and without your advice/help along the way i wouldnt of pruned it, or known some of the stuff i know now :)

    Its 2am here, so guess i better say merry christmas grant, have a good day!

    Just going to put 2 pics in my journal as well
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