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    Do you take advantage of your utility’s Time-of-Use, TOU, Peak Demand, Demand TOU, similar plans?

    I run the lights from 11:00 pm to 11:00 am. Just to keep the heat down. I'm zoned for residential use so the electricity costs the same day or night. I'm growing 4 high CBD low THC photo plants. This is my first photo grow. I'm liking photo's because when vegging you have the power turned down...
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    Caution with dogs

    I can't find any examples on Google or YouTube of a dead dog from an overdose of THC. I think it's possible if the dog eats concentrated forms like cannabutter. Made with high thc low cbd. I have given some tincture to my cats with no problems. You say your vet says that he has several cases...
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    Caution with dogs

    THC kills cancer cells so you don't want to cut if off to zero. The higher the levels of CBD the less High the animal will get. I recommend having a strain with low THC and High CBD. You can even give the animal more CBD to bring the dog down from a THC high. You just have to use a little...
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    Caution with dogs

    Cannabinoids are not toxic. Toxic would be something like alcohol. The dogs simply have more Cannabinoid receptors. Find me an example of a dog who died from THCA. Or even THC.
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    Caution with dogs

    If you use non activated THCA in your tinctures it probably won't hurt the dog. Or get you high. Probably is the answer to getting the benefits of THC without the high. For example. Don't decarboxylate the plant material. Then put it in a Magical Butter machine with no heat.
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    I am confused about lights and height of lights and much much more, first time growing

    I have the same meter. I get consistent readings even with the PH. Doesn't even use batteries. In the shade it shows good light. Direct sunlight pegs it out. So it just gives you an idea. PH of my pro mix soil is always 7. Which is what I would expect (neutral). Added some compost and it went a...
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    I am confused about lights and height of lights and much much more, first time growing

    If your lights aren't designed for plants the intensity drops off in a few inches. With good lights you can have them farther away with very little drop off. That's why you need a meter. It's looks like you have flourescent lights. Typically you have to have them right up against the plant...
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    Best 3x3 grow space LED

    The most output in evenly spread PAR light. With the least amount of wattage used. Is what you want. Also quality of light. Adjustable, dimmable. I use Migro 400 for my 3 by 3 and it is more than enough. The new Mars lights are a good option. If it gets too cold a 315 LEC is good also.
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    Urgent help needed: dog diagnosed with melanoma and given only weeks or months to live

    I would get a electro silver machine like a Silver Puppy. Fill it's water dish with the silver ionic water instead of plain water. That does wonders for animals. Then I would make Rick Simpson oil and apply it to the sores.
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    Plant grew upside down and cotyledons were under soil and are yellow

    If you can correct the problems when the plant is young it should be done. Next time take a needle and make a deep hole to put the sprouts tap root into. That way it won't flip over in the wrong direction.
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    Horseshoe root on newly planted seed?

    I would dig a hole and re -pot the plant in it. The light will kill the root.
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    Exceptionally High FECO Yields

    I was just offering my opinion. I wasn't trying to disrupt your thread or anything. Their are so many factors when growing a plant, that it is hard to tell exactly what perimeter is causing a desired effect on the plant. Unless you test for potency with accurate equipment it is difficult to...
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    Exceptionally High FECO Yields

    " mid 30C's (or the 90F's). I'd water every day, and every hot summer day by the end it's leaves would be wilting. The resulting bud upon harvest was airy, something I read could be caused by too much heat. " When it gets hot the buds will spread out to dissipate the heat. It makes the buds...
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    Exceptionally High FECO Yields

    Probably in flower. Drought, UV light. I wouldn't worry about it. I don't stress my plants. Give them only the light they need. Don't push the plants much and my plants are always potent enough. Genetics are probably the most important aspect. By stressing the plant you are more likely to...
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