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  • Hey Buddy,
    Have you uploaded your pictures to 420? Thats the first step. You can only use photos from there. Go to Photo Gallery on the top green bar above. Before you upload your pics make sure they are under 1 Meg in size. If you don't have software for that let me know.
    Once you have your pics ready to upload. Make sure you are in the Photo Gallery. Look up to the right and you will see in the far right a link that is labeled upload Photos when you click that link, it's pretty self explanatory. What will happen from then on is that pics you post will always go to the photo storage in your name and they are always accessible to you and others. Remember once you upload a pic it becomes property of 420 and you cannot erase them.

    After your pics then go to that link I posted for you in Mountain Highs journal and hopefully soon with a bit of practice it will become second nature to you. :peace:
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