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    KCCO Grows Hydro

    Thx brother happy Thanksgiving as well and hope all is good. Can’t wait to get the system up again because I miss the sounds of bubbles lol
  2. KCCO 77

    KCCO Grows Hydro

    Glad your up and running brother.
  3. KCCO 77

    KCCO Grows Hydro

    Hey everyone I hope all is well. It’s been awhile since posting last because I’m just swamped. It’s all good just never enough time in a day. Still growing and the ladies in flower r still doing their own thing in pots and the earliest stains r still a month out. The king tut and green crack...
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    KCCO Grows Hydro

    Brother @Dusty Kiefers thanks for stopping by all random and shit to drop a hug. I hope you and the family r good. Things r busy with me but all good. I hope your not working yourself to death trying to keep the heard of donkeys at work focusing on the task at hand lol. Hows the Forman...
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    KCCO Grows Hydro

    You as well my brother. I hope You and wifey r enjoying the little slice of heaven you now call home.
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    KCCO Grows Hydro

    Hey brother I hope all is good. Nice looking grow you have going over there. I’ve been poking around in the back round recently getting caught up. Moms r in pro mix hp and the 9 different stains in flower as well. Honestly the stuff is fail proof and I’ve found as long as you always feed...
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