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    Here I Grow Again

    Hi folks Been super busy, time for an update. My carnivals have been flowering for a good 6 weeks now. Looking healthy, yet I'm still a little apprehensive. They're fattening up just fine, but I'm concerned about trichomes and resin. The bud above is the top cola of one of the...
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    Newbie First Grow - Outdoors - Bag Seeds

    Lilred, please don't despair. Yes, she looks to be struggling, but these plants are tough. I don't have the knowledge or experience to diagnose her troubles. All I can suggest is don't panic or do anything drastic. Someone more knowledgeable than me will be along. Really enjoying your...
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    Here I Grow Again

    Hiya Lilred! :welcome:Welcome!:welcome: Cull is a euphemism for murder. Yep, I murdered those hemp sprouts. Then I rinsed them off and put them on a corned beef sandwich. More narrowly, cull means reducing a population, usually after some consideration of population targets and qualities. Cheers!
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    Here I Grow Again

    Wow cool! So happy to have you qaza! Please make yourself comfortable and join right in. If you're not quite ready to start your own journal, don't hesitate to post your pictures and questions here. Cheers!
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    Here I Grow Again

    :thanks: While culling, focus on the ones remaining. On improving their access to light, and air, and love. The others have fulfilled their destiny ... They weren't cannabis plants, they were hemp sprouts. :Namaste: Cheers! :peace::48:
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    Here I Grow Again

    The Culling: Thinned them out two days ago, from 29 to 18: And another 5 last night. The remaining 13 will get their own little pots when they've dried out a bit. These are Silver Haze × Silver Haze seeds that were accidentally created during my second (undocumented)...
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    Photo's Aussie Organic High Brix Grow - 300 Plants & New Strains Never Seen Before

    Re: Photo's Aussie Organic High Brix Grow - 300 Plants & New Strains Never Seen Befor :slide:Crap I thought I'd subbed to this one ages ago. Some catching up to do. :reading420magazine: Cheers!:peace::48:
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