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  • Calling all newbies! If you're new to growing and not sure where to start, try our new 5-Star Grow Kit. It's got all you need to grow a lot fast--INCLUDING water-in organic pesticide. We'll let Ripe & Rotten tell you more, check out this video:
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Introducing the 5-Star Grow Kit! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Based on over a decade of growing, we’ve developed a system with the right nutrients, supplements, and micronutrients to grow healthier plants – so they grow bigger, faster, and you get more product. We call it the 5-Star Recipe for a 5-Star Grow, and we’ve taken the system and made it into a kit, so you can try it out and see for yourself.

    Only $29.99 and you’ll get everything you need to grow.

    ✅ Plant Food, Vitamins & Micronutrients
    ✅ Organic Total Protection Pesticide – just water it in
    ✅ Syringe for Mess-Free Measuring
    ✅ Empty Gallon Bottle to Measure & Mix
    ✅ Step-by-Step Feeding Chart

    It's fun, easy to use, and you'll be amazed at the size of your next grow.

    Visit our website to learn more 5 Star |

    What Are Aphids & How Do They Harm Plants?

    Aphids are little bugs that can cause a lot of trouble. They typically clump together in large numbers and feed on all parts of many different kinds of plants. Aphids can be all sorts of colors too–even pink. Though tiny, aphids can cause major damage. Their feeding can

    -Deform leaves, fruit, & flowers

    -Cause disease

    -Kill the plant

    How Do You Get Rid of Aphids?

    Luckily, it’s not hard to kick aphids out of your garden and rescue your plants. Just spray Sierra Natural Science’s PC, a natural but powerful pest control solution made with certified organic botanicals. Our unique formula harnesses the power of peppermint extract to dehydrate insects, larvae, and their eggs, causing them to die and ending their life cycle.

    How Do You Prevent an Aphid Infestation?

    Preventing aphids from moving in can be a real problem, but Sierra Natural Science has a solution. Our 209 Organic Systemic Pesticide works as a preventative treatment using rosemary extract to protect the whole plant from root to tip against aphids and other insects. Plants absorb the rosemary exact and distribute it throughout their cell walls. This builds a barrier that insects don’t like, so they stop eating your plants, move on, or die off.

    At Sierra Natural Science, we believe in engineering powerful products that are safe for people, pets, and the planet. So our 209 and PC formulas are

    -OMRI Certified and safe to use in organic gardening

    -Biodegradable & eco-friendly

    -EPA exempt

    -Safe around children & pets*

    -Safe to use up to harvest

    You don’t need harsh chemicals to kill bugs fast. Sierra Natural Science’s organic pest control works effectively using safer alternatives.

    *when used as directed
    SNS, I recently got some Spread Coat made by Flying Skull. It's a plant-based wetting agent that helps pesticides properly coat leaves, primary ingredient potassium salts of fatty acids. I'd like to mix some in with my SNS217C for foliar spray.

    Any issues with doing this?
    How to know if you have spider mites? Spider mite infestation can look innocent in the beginning. Some yellow leaves, a little wilting so you add some water and give it more light. But before you know it your plant is covered in webbing and you plant is dying - fast. Spider mites are a common problem both indoor as they are for outdoor grows. Damage will appear as little yellow or brown spots on leaves and is best to treat asap or your plant's health can suffer greatly. ⁠

    Keep an eye out this week on more info about spider mites & how to treat them. DM us if you have any questions!⁠

    spider mites have many out door predators to eat them.. ive never seen a spider might problem outside on a marijuana plant... very unusual..

    if my indoor crop gets it in veg i put it in the garbage ... start over clean up your grow room and building ..

    cheers.. dont want no chemicals in my smoke...
    never seen spider mites outdoors? well dude, better hope you keep it that way. trust me u don't want mites outdoors, they're way worse
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