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    SoilGirl's Organic In & Out Journal 2015

    Hi everyone. Wish I had an update, or good news, I feel like such an idiot for not seeing this coming but uh no point putting this off any more... two weeks ago my dad lost it, killed all my plants, attacked my mom and I, went to jail but got out, I had to move out and am staying with my uncle...
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    SoilGirl's Organic In & Out Journal 2015

    I don't pray either Griz. Good energy is always appreciated though. Thank you for the words of solace, and I'm glad you found a better life. :Love: I'm sure in time things will be great for me, although at the moment it seems very far off. :\ I'll try to be strong though in the mean time. Thank...
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    SoilGirl's Organic In & Out Journal 2015

    Outdoor Update 9-4-15 We'll get to indoors later. I'm not too proud of the indoor situation right now >.< the outdoors have pampered my plants in my neglect. Until today all my plants got only clean water for about the last 2-3 weeks, today the outdoor ones got an ACT brewed with 2 cups...
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