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  • Hi 420 family,back starting a new journal,have three Bruce Banner Auto and two white window auto, ordered my beans from NASC ,I believe its there genetics,so far so good,about a week in,and there doing really well,have them under a humidity dome, figured out the really low humidity in my basement with no tent was really slowing down growth,il have to figure something out for when they outgrown there current containers and dome I have on them now, using some soil acidifier pellets this time around,gonna buffer with some calcium and magnesium and some plant food pellets cause im reusing some soil,Here we go again, Hopefully this will be an epic grow, exited
    I'm having chopping remorse,lol,I felt bad when I gave them there three days of darkness and low temps,I was worried if they were scared or too cold,lol,I raised and spent allot of time over the last couple months with these plants,watched them grow up,sucks,hope it was worth the trouble and heartache,now the grow room seems so empty,i think im having empty nest sydrome,lol,cant wait til I have some new girls in flower 🌹
    Had a happy little accident yesterday, dropped one of my sour diesel autos while moving it from another room where she was in the dark for the day,and two branches broke off,at first I was devastated,lucky it happened when it did,as I was pulling her out the room and walking her back,I could smell how dank she was getting,I put a popcorn budd in the oven and tried it,for being a little early and drying it in the oven with no cure,it was still dank as hell,and got me fuckin ripped,can't wait to try her when she's really done,blew away something I just got from the dispensary that was 27% !
    I just spent the first Thanksgiving home in 5 years,I was either locked up or running the streets,to spend this one with my mom I thought would make this one all that much more special,but after I eat,I went to check on my plants and have a smoke and checked my account,to see the love and support you guys gave me,has me in tears right now,it's been tough and lonely,you guys made me feel like I wasn't alone,I'm so blessed to be a part of this group of great people,I came to 420 magazine because I read it,along with cannabis culture,and high times when I was a teenager and reminded me of when life was enjoyable and before my nightmare began,just want to say thank you for your support,and I love you all,have a Happy Thanksgiving 😊
    Thankfull for all the advice from the community,I'm learning so much and thank everyone for sharing experience and your knowledge,it's allot to take in but am willing to pay my dues to grow some acceptional product that you can't find anymore,I grew up in the days of what we called greenbudd,lol,usually some local older growers in the areas budd,that was sticky as he'll and a pleasure to smoke, I'm not impressed at all at what dispensaries are offering and way overpriced,looking forward to a good harvest,keeping my fingers crossed,thanks again
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