1. aussiebuddy

    Aussie First Time Grow

    Hello Everyone, First time caller, long time listener. I have just setup a 5x5 tent inside my house. I'm looking to grow enough to keep myself satisfied. Quality is the goal, not trying to blow the budget either. I don't know much about growing anything - its a steep learning curve. I just...
  2. G

    Mars II 1200w

    Afternoon folks, Just looking to invest in an LED and struggling for decent information. Am I right in thinking that the Mars II 1200w replaces a 600w HPS pretty much and uses about as much electricity? If so... is there a great deal of point going down this route? Cheers!
  3. Pennywise

    Completed StarKiller OG, Rockwool, Ebb & Flow, 1200W LED, 2016

    Breeder: Rare Dankness Strain: Starkiller OG 70% Indica/ 30% Sativa (4 plants) Regular seed Potency: High Taste: Lemon/Citrus Space: 4' x4' x 7' tent Light: 1200w KingLed (Veg-18/6 Flower 11/13) Hydro: 2' x 2' flood & drain table ( 10 gallon Res ) Ventilation: 2 x 4" duct fans (1...
  4. N

    5 Train Wreck Auto - 5 Early Miss Auto - 3 Green Crack Fem

    Pro mix Earthworm castings 4-6-6 Alaska veg pellets Extra perlite Blood meal 3 gallon containers for autos Transplant cup-1 gal- 3 gal- 5 gal for green crack 1000w hps 4 ft umbrella reflector 2x 105w cfl 6500k 5000 btu window unit 12x10x6.5 grow room Need more light eventually but this is...
  5. Doozy

    Marshydro LED for veg - HPS for flower - But when to swap?

    Hi all, I'm running 2300w of Mars 2 full spectrum LEDs in a 5x5 for veg, currently at week 4. I've already stated very clearly that i don't think these particular lights have what is neccesary for high yeilds in flower, but are really good for nice tight, compact plants in veg. I don't really...
  6. count duckula

    TopLED Mars II 1200w - FWIW

    For what it's worth... I got the Mars II 1200w several months back and have just completed its first use. This light kicks so much ass! If and when I can come up with more $, I'll be ordering another one. It's a little warm but with proper ventilation, you should have no...
  7. M

    Abandoned 1200W Big Bud Grow 4'x8' Scrog

    alright so im a novice but im keeping it real and growing my own dank, im planning on posting the whole way thru so buckle up, for in this thread not only will I post materials and their cost ( probably a bit more than I got some for I ebayd shit, its the way to go) but my methods of success or...
  8. GreenDyl

    Completed GreenDyl's Big Bud Promix Scrog - 2013

    Hey guys this is my first journal ill be starting posts from where my plants are now, 2 and a half weeks into flower. Strain- Sensi Seeds Big Bud 85% indica All these are diff phenos started from seed. Medium- Promix Nutrients Veg- Heavy 16 Veg A&B, Roots Excel, Heavy 16 Prime, Great...
  9. DrTentgrow

    Abandoned DrTentgrow and William Blazes 1200W Power Plant

    Air 150mm 720m3/h extractor fan and carbon filter fan speed controller 10" circulation fan 2kw oil filled heater on a thermostat Light 1 x 250w cfl blue spectrum 2 x 600w magnetic ballasts mh and hps bulbs 2kw contactor relay digital timers Soil, pots ect... 1l round deep...
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