1. 420


    Haze 2 Auto
  2. T

    150W LED Grow Light For Seedlings & Germination

    Hello everyone, We opened a new store on amazon, the 50W, 150w, 300W is available to sell, we can give you discount, or offer product for you to do review for us. we do Paypal refund. Do you have any interest? Contact with me by ledgrowlight-joyce@outlook.com Thanks.
  3. A

    Heat questions!

    Hey folks! I live in Ireland, a country not known for its sunny climate but we're enjoying an unusually nice, extended period of sunshine at the moment. I have a 150w hps in my 60*60*140 black box tent, that I run at night, but temps inside the tent are getting stoopid hot regardless, 31C+...
  4. BR greendoc

    4sq ft grow tent 150w LED - Help

    Hello guys, Im really new at growing cannabis, and since i started to have interest on this subject I read a good deal and decided to buy a grow tent. It has 2ft x 2ft x 4,6ft height. I bought a 150W LED to use in it, just like this one 150W LED Grow Light UFO Round Lamp Red Blue IR UV Full...
  5. 4

    407 Casey's Closet CFL Grow

    No idea if it'll be male or female, but it will be a fun learning experience. Started off under 4 CFL's that I could afford at the time, which totaled to be ~46 watts (ew). Due to the kind of shitty lighting, it stretched a little bit in the beginning, but that will definitely not be an issue...
  6. L

    California - 150W - Hobby Grow

    I have a grow cabinet with a 150w Sun system. Growing 4 plants in Fox Farm Soil And Botanicare Bloom And grow Nutrients. Keep in mind this is my second or third "Solo Grow" with no help and a Budget.
  7. J

    First Grow From Bag Seed 2016

    Hey guys! This is my first real grow so looking for any pointers and tips. Please only constructive comments, im not a fan of obnoxious internet goons (nobody is). Anyways, I'm growing two plants Indoors in a closet and I'll give you a quick rundown on each here: Plant 1:(Blue Dream, Bagseed...
  8. L

    150w SOG Help!

    Ok well, I am planning on buying a 150w Hps, having a mother, taking clones and around 8 small clones budding, harvesting every 2 months, hopefully give me 100gr+. My question is: Well I can buy a prop tray with rockwood, and root grow, so How should I do this? Do I need to veg under cfls...
  9. L

    What is the best set up for me?

    Ok, well I plan on having 3-5 plants, But I don't know how, Money is a factor I was gonna buy a 150w Hps, and only veg for 1 week and start flowering. (clones) Should I get cfls for this or just the hps? I was hoping of doing a Sog with only 150w, just for personal use. Also what should...
  10. xbox4him

    150w VS. 250w

    Ok, im considering purchasing either a 150w or a 250w HPS lighting system. These are the two models im considering. Both units ive found are about 1 month old and come with their respective bulbs (which are also 1 month old). Also im working with about 3 x 2 growing area. Sun System 150w VS Sun...
  11. mongol

    Northern Lights & Sour Cream 150W CMH Soil by Mongol 2011

    Hi everyone! I would like to introduce my 3rd garden. I hope you're all gonna enjoy. Important: All units are in METRIC (European) units! strains: 1XNorthern Lights FEM from White Label 1XSour Cream FEM from DNA Genetics (Original Sour Diesel X G13 Haze; mostly sativa) both plants...
  12. Nesnarb

    150w HPS 4'x2½'x2' Cab Plans

    Hey, I've got the plans here on the cabinet I'm planning on building. I've posted it cause i'd like all the brilliant people here to tell me how it could be better. Once I actually build it I only plan on growing one plant at first. I know it's possible to do more but i'd like to focus my...
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