Northern Lights & Sour Cream 150W CMH Soil by Mongol 2011


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Hi everyone! I would like to introduce my 3rd garden. I hope you're all gonna enjoy.

Important: All units are in METRIC (European) units!

1XNorthern Lights FEM from White Label
1XSour Cream FEM from DNA Genetics (Original Sour Diesel X G13 Haze; mostly sativa)
both plants were started from seeds of course
55cmX90cmX150cm Closet
Soil (Biobizz All-Mix)
2X55W PL-L (1X6500K daylight+1X8000K skywhite)for the first 2 weeks
1X150W CMH 3000K for the rest of the life cycle (included veg stage and flowering stage)
25cmX25cmX27cm (11litres)/plant
1XPC fan blows into the box (reduced voltage 5V) at the bottom
1XPC fan for air mixing at the plants
1XPC fan pulls out the hot air from the box at the top
reflective sheeting:
mylar on the back wall
white sheets on the other walls (I would took mylar on every walls, but the budget was limited :(
start with LST and TOP, then SCROG
Hesi kit + EM (Effective Microorganisms) + GHE Ripen at the end

Sour Cream:

Northern Lights:
thanx man!

supplement for the details of the project:

17-20°C at dark period
26-29°C at light period
maybe I will need a larger fan for pulling out the heat, because if the PL-L makes almost 29°C, the CMH will make a little bit more, and I don't want the temperature to climb over 30°C
watering: once a day, about 4 hours after the light switches on. water is tap water, which is taken at least one day before the watering, in order to let the clorine quit from that.
and i also squish the plants and the top of the soil by normal water 5-6 times in a day untill the flowering starts in order to keep the humidity at a respectable level.
menu: changind day to day. they got just normal water yet. the boosting will start tomorrow.(root complex and super vit for the plants, power zyme and EM for the soil).
the CO2 tabs seemed quite effective at my earlyer rounds, so I will use again, but first i will have to buy that.
i'm trying to keep the ph at 6.5. unfortunately, i dont have digital ph measure, but i have the liquid one, which is not that correct than the digital one, but better than nothing. my technic is the following: i adjust the ph at first, and i add the nutrients second. but when i use the EM, i add the EM at first, and then i adjust the ph, because the EM lowers the PH.
i planned to change the light from the pl-l to the cmh after 2 weeks, but i had to done it yesterday. the reason is that the pl-l pipes were not in the best condition, and they didn't switched on yesterday in the morning. this had not caused any problem, because i realized this malfunction 1 hour after the lights should had switched on, and i fixed the problem. so the 150w cmh are operating now straight till the end. as i expected, the temperature had raised pretty much, but i brang another vent in action at the top of the closet for sucking the hot air out, and the "old sucker" had been put under the light bulb for blowing the hot air. furthermore, i cut one more hole next to the first intake hole.
i started to give some boosters to the plants now, but i dont wanna feed them yet. this soil is very complete, and the pots are 11litres so they have a lot of nutes.

the crew:

sour cream:

northern lights:
i'm running the lights @ 18/6 now, and i will keep this untill the flowering starts. at the flowering period i will use the lights at 12/12. i will change from 18/6 to 12/12 instantly. there will not be any transitions like 16/8, then 14/10, etc... maybe i will give them a dark shock just before the flowering starts. this means that i will swith off the lights for 24hrs. it helps them to start the flowering process a little bit earlyer. i have never tried it before :D

at the last week i'm planning to switch for 10/14. i have never tried this before either.
looking pretty good so far you have a nice grow room setup going. Interested to see how this one is going to turn out for you I will be watching your progress Hope you get some big beautiful females
RastamanJames :ganjamon:
Day 10

the women seem healthy and happy :) ms northern lights slanting sideways a little bit because the air circulator fan was too close to her, but i have already fixted this small problem. she's OK now.
i have also fixed the temperature problem. total of 4 fans are on duty now. 1X12cm pc for air intake, 2X8 cm pc fan for air circuating, 1Xpipe fan 10cm about 150-200 cm3/h for sucking the hot air out. i have also drilled another small whole at the bottom for air intake without any fan.diameter is about 6cm
the temperature now is about 28°C max when the light operates

northern lights:

sour cream:

both (nl on the left, sc on the right):
Nice growth in the last couple days bro. one of my plants is leaning sideways cause of the fan blowing on it too so i had to make some adjustments as well

I like to rotate my seedlings and small plants to avoid things like this. The seedlings wiil lean to the lightsoarce, so once leaning to one side, I will turn it around, this helps build stronger stems too.
I like to rotate my seedlings and small plants to avoid things like this. The seedlings wiil lean to the lightsoarce, so once leaning to one side, I will turn it around, this helps build stronger stems too.

i do like that as well, but the fan is too strong anyway and i should had rotate them in every hour, so that's why i took the fan a little bit farther away from the plants. the best solution is the rotating fan i think. maybe i will buy a small one
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