1. aerorev

    2018 light efficiency ultimate battle

    First post in the forum. I’ve been growing for about 16 years mainly outdoor. Started indoor a couple years ago using 1000w’s HPS’s with magnetic ballasts. Later on I switched to 400w Phillips HPS with Lumatek electronic ballasts for efficiency. I’m seeing a lot of discussion and...
  2. H

    Questions about Growers Choice 315w CMH 3K

    So just starting out on my grow. 4x4 with 4 plants in 5 gallon pots. What wattage and distance from the plant should the CMH be? I have 3 auto’s and 1 feminized that just got planted after germination.
  3. HayStack

    I'm trying out CMH

    So the other day I ordered at 315 watt CMH with a 3100k Philips bulb from Grow Co. I've never used CMH before, but I have heard a lot of good things about them. My current grow looks like it's going to be a nice grow, but the lower buds just didn't get any light and you can really tell by just...
  4. P

    Cropking White Cookie & Sour Jack Under 315W CMH - First Real Grow

    Hello all - Getting back in the game after a half-assed attempt at growing 5 or 6 years ago. Tried DWC with two plants in a 4x4 tent and some DIY HPS street lights rigged up. This time around I'll be using some better supplies and really work at doing this the right way. My setup: 1 -...
  5. M

    1st attempt at growing my meds - GG4 & Jack47

    Green-thumb newb here, greetings Wanted to share some photos of my first attempt at growing and perhaps get a thread going First thing first, the equipment: 4'x4' tent (thick 1860D material) 6.8' tall 1 x 315 CMH with Phillips Agro bulb 1 x Morsen COB full spectrum LED (two cobs) for...
  6. floridafinest

    Floridafinest 630CHM First Try At RDWC Grow Journal

    This is my first grow journal so please bear with me. 11x12 fully insulated wired and plumbed by me room. 6x6 mother/flower room 12- Sour dx Lemon kush 2- the white 2- pre 98 bubba kush:volcano-smiley: 4-630w dimlux cmh's DIY RDWC system 16 site 2" feed with dual 1" returns 1" rockwool...
  7. TheFertilizer

    Retro-fitting CMH lamps into MH ballasts

    Been reading around and I can't really find a straight answer on this. Now assuming for equal wattage, what's stopping a person from buying one of the socket conversions ( or finding a CMH bulb with an E39 ) and then running it in their usual digital MH ballast? I've heard that most of the CMH...
  8. M

    ChemLight - Week 4 Flower - Coco & Perlite - Single 315W CMH In A 2x4

    Hello all, I am currently in week 3-4 in flower. This is my first thread and my second grow. Things have been going very well. I am using.... -3 Chemdawg x Northern Lights clones from TGS in Denver, I have one mystery clone that was given to me from another dispensary in Denver, we will be...
  9. L

    CMH question

    I have an extra 600W ballast and hood sitting around that I want to add into my grow room. I need to buy a bulb for it as I only have a spare 400w hps. I am curious is my ballast able to operate a cmh bulb, and if so what kind would I need? I was at my hydro store today and I was told that there...
  10. G

    Ceramic Metal Halide Lighting Questions

    HI all I'm new to 420mag, but not a new grower. i have been reading the 420 forums for the last year also doing 2 indoor grows and also a successful outdoor harvest. I feel that I'm ready to step up my growing standards and dive into CMH! IN the past i grew with my 600 watt hps while using an...
  11. O

    CMH lighting

    Just finishing up with my 6'x8' grow room and will be needing to set up my grow system. wondering what everyones thought are on CMH lighting compared to HPS?
  12. C

    Cheap CHM bulb question?

    I'm stuck on a flower light for my next grow and was wondering if anyone had experience with cheap CMH bulbs? I've been looking at this bulb and it looks good at 3000k. :Namaste:
  13. ShiggityFlip

    Shiggity Goes Mad Scientist - Paving The Yellowbrix Road With DIY Adventures!

    Hey all its that time again! A new journal for Shiggity. Lots of crazy ideas in my head and I need a spot dedicated to exploring them. Still loving Docbud's living soil excellence but my new goal is to see just how far I can push my Brix girls to produce quantity while maintaining QUALITY...
  14. Dogwash

    Day Of The Triffids

    Check these beasts out I'm running 2 x 315w Philips Daylight, plus 6 x 26w Secret Jardin TLED (6 x 55w equivalent - two veg strips (blue) and four bloom (red) When i got em they were about a foot tall and monster cropped clones I vegged em for five weeks, doing a lot of low stress training...
  15. Caconym

    Lighting advice compact grow with limited headroom

    Hello! I am fairly new to growing, I have been involved with friends' grows but have only completed one tiny one of my own in a 90l bin under 2 65W CFLs. I have since progressed to a slightly larger space. I have a single plant growing currently, essentially as a test run. She's a few days away...
  16. Komplex180

    SunSystem Neutron 315w LEC/CMH - Pic Heavy

    *Disclaimer* This is my first grow so I'm attributing this little surprise to the CMH, but more experienced growers may be able to confirm or correct my claims below. BTW I was in the air about picking up a CMH vs Perfect Sun Dwarf Star, but my local shop gave me the setup for $300 out the...
  17. GreatWhiteBud

    Green Crack & White Cookies: Mainlining Under A Sunplix CMH

    Hello from Northern Canada! First off, sorry to anyone who was following my last journal, I ended up having to go out of town for a work for a while. I finished the grow and was pretty happy with the harvest, but life simply got in the way of the journal. I work concrete work spring to fall so...
  18. I

    Is 630w double ended CMH too intense for 6ft ceilings?

    I'm setting up my first inside grow. Moved to Fairbanks and the sun is tricky here. I want to put my money into something versitile. I was thinking of going with 1000w de ballast turned down to 600 and running 630 de cmh. Then when I need supplemental lighting in my green house in the fall I...
  19. F

    CMH HPS Light spacing

    New to :420:, hello all, happy farming.. I have a light spacing question. I have a 1000 watt air cooled in between 2 CMH 315s. They are within a few inches of one another, I am trying to deliver a heavy mixed spectrum to all plants in my 8x5 table. Will this be too much light for the...
  20. Rider509

    The McCree curve & HPS vs CMH for flowering - Help!

    I'm looking at moving beyond the MH/HPS combo for growing. Not sold on the mostly uber expensive and rapidly evolving LED market. At least not until prices come down. The HPS has been the go-to light for flowering our plants for a very long time. But what's been the driving factor in making...