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  1. The Physicist

    The Lab: Perpetual Experimentation

    ~ Welcome to The Lab: Perpetual Experimentation ~ Welcome to The DIY Lab! The goal of The Lab is to test out scientific theories and Bro-Science Myths in cannabis growth to determine what factors really go into optimizing yields, from botany to ecology to chemistry and physics. We will dive...
  2. OrganicMan

    OrganicMan's Gorilla Glue x White Widow, Sour Diesel & More Soil Grow

    Hi to everyone here at:420: This is my first journal since 2016 so I may be a bit rusty but here we go :rollit: Setup: Budbox Pro white 1.5x1.5x1.8 2x Grow Northern Telos 006 LED 240w 1x 150w cmh, white adjustawing reflector, heat spreader, powered by osram ballast for vegging. Swited out for...
  3. Lowrider72

    Lowrider72's Ceramic Metal Halide Tent Of Sticky Icky Buds Grow

    Hey guys, Thought I would start a NEW grow using the same strains but with 15-20L pots and 5 plants, instead of 8 plants and 9L pots like last grow. You know,the drill. 2 x Lucius 315w CMH with Controller. 1.2m x 2.4m Tent. 70/30 Coco-Perlite. House and Garden Cocos A&B+additives. Total Grow...
  4. Lowrider72

    315Watt CMH Lighting: Specs, Coverage, Pics

    Hey guys, Just doing Thread on 315w CMH lighting, for those interested in it, or finding out about it. Firstly.... CMH- CERAMIC METAL HALIDE , or LEC- LIGHT EMITTING CERAMIC. It looks an old school MH or HPS digital ballast and bulb set up..... But its a WHOLE different ball park! I use a...
  5. Lowrider72

    Lowrider72's Under 800W Growroom Presents: 2x 315W CMH, Multistrain, Coco Grow

    Hey Guys and Gals , Lowrider72 here, just putting up a grow journal, hope you enjoy! Been growing in Coco 10yrs, love it. Trying out new 315w CMH lights and running a complete grow system under 800w.... Here we growwwwww...... GROW DETAILS.... Bucket Size- 9L Medium - 70% Coco , 30% Perlite...
  6. BudGinger

    Budginger Does Gorilla Glue #4

    Hey 420, how's it going? Well, after a long and successful grow (I say this before it's fully cured), I'm going to get things going again for the next crop. I learned a lot from my last grow, mainly that I didn't utilize my scrog properly. There were also suggestions for super cropping but I'm...
  7. Slothman

    Unknown Strain, Blueberry & Purple Kush Grow 2019: Am New So Comments Welcome

    What strain is it? i have a Unkown strain that is one week from switching to flower ( at least i think), and a Purple kush from crop king, and Blueberry from crop king, seeds started just put the blueberry in rockwool today. PK is still germ Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? see...
  8. G

    Lights for veg and flower

    Hey all! Just wanted some opinions on the lights I plan on using for my grow! I plan on using Nanolux 630w CMH's for flower, Ill have one light per plant. And for veg, I plan on using LED's, preferably one or two plants per light. I was looking into the HLG 600 quantum boards but I'm not too...
  9. BudGinger

    Gingerbud's First Indoor Grow: 315 CMH, Tent, Lemon Thai Kush, Blueberry & Sour Diesel

    Hey there, long time creeper first time growing indoors. It's finally legal here in Canada and the wife okay'd the tent so I ran with it. I started from seed, germinating on November 19th, 2018. I'm fortunate to have a good friend who works in a hydroponics shop, so they've been pointing me in...
  10. Optimus913

    Wind Storm

    How can one tell if a CMH bulb is burnt out? During a storm our power slipped on and off a few times and when it came back on my ceramic light wouldn't work. Now question is, is it the bulb or the ballast?
  11. cmh.jpg


    Blew Hiller GH Grow 2018/9
  12. cmhlit.jpg


    Blew Hiller GH Grow 2018/9
  13. cmhled.jpg


    Blew Hiller GH Grow 2018/9
  14. cmh.jpg


    Blew Hiller GH Grow 2018/9
  15. cmh.jpg


    Blew Hiller GH Grow 2018/9
  16. CMH.jpg


    Blew Hiller GH Grow 2018/9
  17. SmokeLake

    420’s 4x4 Soil 315cmh EarlyMiss Grow Journal 2018

    Hello this is my first legal grow in Canada. Im starting this journal to document progress and pick up tips and tricks. CKS Early Miss Auto Flower 5pk Peat pucks ( do not use for autos) ProMix HPCC in 3 Gal Root Pouchs 315cmh ballast running 4200k veg and 3100k for flower. 4x4x6 Mammoth Tent 4”...
  18. aerorev

    2018 light efficiency ultimate battle

    First post in the forum. I’ve been growing for about 16 years mainly outdoor. Started indoor a couple years ago using 1000w’s HPS’s with magnetic ballasts. Later on I switched to 400w Phillips HPS with Lumatek electronic ballasts for efficiency. I’m seeing a lot of discussion and...
  19. H

    Questions about Growers Choice 315w CMH 3K

    So just starting out on my grow. 4x4 with 4 plants in 5 gallon pots. What wattage and distance from the plant should the CMH be? I have 3 auto’s and 1 feminized that just got planted after germination.
  20. HayStack

    I'm trying out CMH

    So the other day I ordered at 315 watt CMH with a 3100k Philips bulb from Grow Co. I've never used CMH before, but I have heard a lot of good things about them. My current grow looks like it's going to be a nice grow, but the lower buds just didn't get any light and you can really tell by just...
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