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Well I finally have some pics to share so here are my ongoing grows. I doubt I'll be consistent at posting or very good at producing wild great crops but I will share what I can I guess.

I'll start with some pics from my last crop which did not turn out very good. Full on seeded out crop where I had 1 of 3 plants that turned out to be smokable.

I started with 4 plants but gave one away after running short of room. I'm guessing I was feeding them twice a day at this point. Mega Crop, Cal Mag and Liquid weight in coco/perlite. I also use EnzymesKomplete at 1ml/gal. Light is cmh 315, 3200k. My room is 3' X 5'.

The plant on the left Lemon Skunk, I believe that was the problem child. It died out a few weeks into bloom. Totally my fault, I'm new to RO water and as the membrane becomes weaker the Ph starts to fluctuate and I overcompensated. (my theory anyway)
The center plant is chocolate mint and that one had the most seeds (tons) but it is good smoke.
The right plant is Honduras. I let it go something like 130 days... got 12 oz's but a total waste of time that was. blaa.
All in all I only saw like 3 nanners at harvest and no sets of balls that I could find.








The Honduras that yielded 12 oz's.

As you can see that crop went completely out of control, stretched probably out to 7 feet in a 6 foot room.
Trichomes this time round where really bad, hoping for much better in the future. So far my next crop is looking better.

I'm trying to take better pics but as you'll see on my current crop (coming soon) it's a work in progress. Oh yea I also have a really interesting plant to show, my friend called it a scotch bonnet - I found no info on that strain. Perhaps someone will recognise some of it's very strange features as in leaves and growth pattern.

Thanks for your time.
Scotch bonnet coming soon. I've 3 or 4 pics to post of my setup1st.

My butter setup, the bread pan hangs on the corners & sits about 1" off the bottom of the slow cooker. It takes about 10 hrs to come to simmer at which point I shut it off.

Cheap laundry tap, I'll have to get a closer pic but it's just a cheap 2-way splitter with valves. Installed backwards. The hot side requires a single shut off valve facing the right way.

My mixing and grow room door. This room was lightproof before I started...Bonus.


And 2 pics of some smokable bud from my last crop - chocolate mint.


I'm not sure when I'll get around to posting my current crop so I'll throw in quick pics of that so called scotch bonnet. 2 weeks since first pistles (sp?). One leaf measured out to 13 1/4".




Take care.
So that was my first crop in coco my previous grows were a NFT type of setup.
Here is my second coco crop (my current crop).
Taken 1 week ago while I was trimming, they are 2 weeks into flower when these pics were taken.

5 gal cloth pots with coco perlite.
I mix & feed 5 gals every second day, yes I'm feeding coco not twice a day but rather every second day. I see no sign of malnutrition, I've never seen any drooping yet. I just finished the 3rd week of flower.

Every second day I mix...
5 gal ro water
.5 - .7 ml of silica (I do this mostly to up the final Ph in the mix)
19ml cal mag
14g mega crop
5 - 6ml of enzymes komplete
3 days ago I started with 5ml of liquid weight (using up some leftover, I wouldn't mind getting more but doubt I will.)
Edit; oh yea I also add 2L of a light power to bloom mix (0-39-30) it comes in at about 40ppm.

I Ph by liquid drops so best I can tell you is light orange. I'm still at starvation levels. ppm = 510 - 535.

Chocolate mint. Seed is from my last crop that hermied, I'll have to keep a close eye on it. Before trimming.

After da trim

Lemon skunk - another hermie seed from the last crop. I seen what may be the start of balls yesterday, took some pics. I may be about to toss this one soon.


Panama x Criticle cheese. A normal seed from a friend. Before trim.

After da trim.

I already posted the pics of the 4th plant (Scotch bonnet). No sense double posting.
A couple of pics of them all snuggled together in their little space.


The criticle cheese is in a warm spot so I put a shield I had from my other setup to slow down the drying out.

I will preform the sacred ritual of getting more pics out of my camera soon.
Take care
Well I'm still a couple of days behind with the pics, I'm not in the least surprised.
The Scotch bonnet from 2 days ago.


A closeup of my cheap laundry tap.

2" insulated floor with a 4" false floor for drainage.

Exhaust fan vented upstairs, there's a baffle in the duct between this exhaust and the furnace - it's shut off so that the exhaust can only go upstairs and not back towards the furnace.

To make a perfect round hole upside the round pipe I placed the elbow on a piece of paper and traced the circle, cut that circle out and tape it onto your pipe where you want your hole. Take a sharpie and mark around the paper marking both paper and pipe. remove paper and you've a perfect fitting hole marked.

Thanks for your time
Here's 3 pics of my passive air intake/scrubber.

This next pic with the lid off. The red crayon represents the light blocking baffles, the green crayon represents the hole in the room where my cold air eventually goes in.

And finally the lid seals. Originally it was a sealed unit but I needed to clean my filter so I made a removable lid.

Take care
I'm not sure that plant gets more than 3 or 4 fingers/leaf. It's just a really strange looking plant always has been. Strange leaves, strange stems and strange growth. It is a clone of a clone of a clone I've had it for almost a year now just never had the chance to put it in the flower room till now. The buds are starting to stack up on it though, it is a little slower coming around but that's fine by me. We will see, from the looks of things so far the panama/cheese looks like it will keep me happy on it's own.

Down to 3 plants left I will post soon.
I’ve gotten more tuned into weird leaf growth patterns in the plants in the last year. Some of them when cloned are a bit prone to getting confused about their growth cycle and taking on a kind of reveg look. The Chocolope I grew had regular five or seven blade leaves to start, but after one flowering round the clones never really grew more than three bladed leaves again.

The plants from the seeds I made of it are looking to be prone to the same problem. I’ve got a couple other strains like that too.

I find that those ones don’t grow very nice bud (fluffy/foxtailey) unless I try to get them straightened out in veg. Which means leaving them in veg for months and months till they finally start growing normal leaves.

I’m not saying that this is the case with your scotch bonnet but it’s a possibility.
A couple of days ago we cut down the lemon skunk, it pulled the same stunt that it's mother did at the same stage of growth. I don't think I'll keep those seeds.

A couple of shots of the room before the light come up to full power. The lemon skunk is on the left, this is just before we removed it.

strange uploads again this corner went missing------------------>

These next 5 pics are of the lemon skunk we chopped. We did find a few nanners but it was not as easy as I had hoped. I don't think any pollen was tossed out yet but hay what do I know, we didn't see any powder on our fingers anyway.





Down to 3 is just fine by me as my light will only cover 2 plants anyway. So far I do not have the 7' plants again and that is a good thing.

We pulled the chocolate mint (from a hermie seed) out for inspection yesterday, so far it looks fine.

Thanks for your time.
Edit; these pics are at 21 days.
A very wise man once told me that when you meet a girl who you might end up in any sort of relationship with, you should make sure to take a close look at her mother, because that’s what you’re going to get.
Well I said we had a look at the chocolate mint plant from the hermie seed, no issues were found. I will share some pics.




And one of the scotch bonnet just because. @Weaselcracker I checked yesterday and most of the leaves are 5 fingers. Has anyone else seen such a strange looking plant? What was the strain if you have seen one similar?

So yesterday I flushed out my coco with town water (then feed right after). So I'm thinking I'll flush out the salts once in a while... then I smoked some... then I start to thinking more...

If my town water is 240ppm then what exactly am I doing with the flush - are I washing out excess salts or is I just replacing the salts with the crap in my tap water? Please don't all answer at once I'm kinda slow.

Here's 2 shots at lights on day 22. L to R scotch bonnet, panamaXcriticle cheese and chocolate mint.


One shot at day 23.

While checking my chocolate mint the other day I felt like it was hungry, I judged by the lack of color on the stems of the fan leaves. So the next feeding I upped mega crop from 3g/gal to 3.5g/gal this raised my ppm from 540 to 640, Just FYI.
I also still are feeding once every second day, if the bottom of my pots become dryish in 24 hours I may up my feeding schedule to once daily. For now they seem to be much happier this way as opposed to feeding 2 or 3 times a day. I too am very happy with this schedule.

Take care
You can probably easily get the information on what your tapwater contains from your town/city Bob.
Usually from my understanding a lot of it is calcium. I don’t have a town, or tap water, so don’t know much beyond that

I assume it would still work to wash out your excess salts. Personally I don’t ever get excess salts but I don’t overfeed and I always have runoff. You are also feeling at a very low level so as long as you have runoff it’s probably not an issue.

Still got lots of mega crop left? I’ve been trying to give mine away. For the price of mailing it to people though maybe I’ll just use it to fertilize some bushes and stuff around here

I gather that the scotch bonnet has quite upturned leaves but beyond that I’m having trouble getting a clear picture of it. I’m gonna go back and look over your earlier posts though
I should will set that scotch bonnet on the floor and try get a decent pic with half assed lighting. Yes very upturned leaves. strange looking leaves twisty stem purple stem. Oh yea buddy did say it was a great yield-er.

Yes I should look that info up from the town, lotsa calcium is good because I get problems if I drop my cal below 3ml/gal. I do get a lot of runoff and I'm very light on my feed so thanks for that advice (I swear sometimes things take too long to sink in). Between my smoke and my meds I'm usually wiped out.

I bought a large bag of mega crop V3 last year... used some in the garden, gave a little away and sold a little bit at $10/solo cup. Last crop I used quite a bit too, I fed 3 times daily at a heavier rate. So it is getting low, I should have enough to get through this year though if I keep it out of the garden.

It is a light feed but I'm adding this power to bloom stuff as well thus skewing the ratios. Yes I'm aware of mulders chart but I'm trying to be very gentle with this stuff. It mixes at .2g/gal so that's like a small pinch of salt/gal and that only takes it to 40ppm from that 40ppm I'm only adding it into my mix at 2L/5gal. or 1.4L/4gal now. No calculations involved I'm just winging it and watching. I'd like to up my power to bloom but I are afraid and why bother it all looks pretty good so far.

This is just my second coco crop, I'm very happy with the way it's looking so far and super glad I decided to try feed less because I think they look a lot better. Trichome production is far superior to my last crop... but then I guess that one seeded out... doh.

Still photographically challenged after all these years... oh well I tried taking some better pics of that scotch bonnet.

First my crop early morning day 25.

And some hopefully better pics of miss bonnet




I figured my pics are too big (large) so I resized them at 70%... might still be too big.
Take care.
Well before I start I should say that I do not know what I'm doing I'm just winging it. So I'm feeding every second day in coco, and at about 3 1/2 weeks I upped my mega crop to 3.5g/gal. I noticed my canopy became really dark so I cut mega crop down and upped my power to bloom 0 - 39 - 30 a little bit. I added 2L @ 40 ppm then I upped it to 2L @ 60ppm into my 4 gal mix. That works out to about 1/16th tsp to a gal or .3g/gal.

A day or 2 later I realize that even though I'm lifting my light little by little I'm still way to close, so I lifted it 3 or 4 inches. I still think it's too close but that has been my MO forever it seems now. I am slow minded way to often. By now I should realize that the stretch is over (that's the main reason I keep it close). I've 4 or 5 inches left I will slowly raise it in the next week or two.

I've been thinking about feeding every day for about a week now... I'm starting that today. I also feel that my Ph is too consistent, I will be switching it up a bit by omitting the silica ( .3ml) every second day.

I'm at day 33 and I feel that they will need more food to help fill out so I will (feed every day), also I'm noticing more orange pistils so I'm thinking that is a sign of starvation (remember I know very little - just going by feel here).

Day 31 or 32

Miss Scotch Bonnet is very camera shy, I can't get a good pic for the life of me. You'll have to trust me that she is the frostiest one. Tighter buds also but so far not very big.

I'm guessing that net I threw on really helped me with the stretch as these are half the height of my last 2 crops. I'm hoping that will help me get to a nicer finished product, considering I can now keep my light a little farther away.

For those interested my feed schedule is
3 1/2 gal water
.3ml of 0 - 0 - 4 silica (wait 10 minutes)
13 - 15ml of 2 - 0 - 0 cal mag (wait 15 minutes)
12g mega crop
5ml of Enzymes Komplete
5ml of Liquid weight (because I have some left for now)
2L of power to bloom 0 - 39 - 30 at 60ppm.
stir well and let sit for an hour before feeding.

take care
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