Monster Cropped Strawberry Banana

I’d like to have one to start with this time around.
I'm not sure what to think about them. Like an HPS you need2 light bulbs, which gets spendy... I think mine were $160 for both. That alone bugs me. But the light is white, and from what I understand the Spectrum is great.

Little story...
When I grew those 2 large Lemon Skunk plants, I had 2 400watt Black Dogs, and a CMH. There were buds that were between a Black Dog and CMH. One side was pink the other white. But the pistils were more prominent on the LED side than the CMH. It seems ridiculous to me that there would be a difference from one side to the other, but there it was. And, it wasnt just one bud. I have pictures somewhere, I'll see if I cant find them.
I want CMH mainly for penetration with less heat than the HPS.
They do run cooler. I guess there are double ended higher power lights out there, but they are expensive. I think mine was $250? Been a while. BG hydro usually has them pretty cheap
I put the second plant in jars today. I took the stems off the bud and a bit more larfy crud.
It put out 11 ounces. The humidity in the jars is 60%

Another one down. The next thread will be called "Wembley". It will be up tomorrow... unless I get high.

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