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Im proud of my RDWC rig for a few reasons, 1. Its clean without pipes going every which way. 2. It works. The bins are from 2 GH Rainforest aeroponic systems. I bought one, but the power cable was wonky, and i had seedlings that needed to go somwhere so i went DWC. I was fairly seccessful and bought another Rainforest to make it RDWC.

This system has 2 pots 17gal. And a res. 27 gal. I call it 50 so it makes nutrients easier and leaves some padding so burning leaves dont happen so much.

The pictures above have the tops removed from the bins to show the amount of airflow in the tubs. Right now my air pump is an 85 liter

These show the net pots and their locations. If i added some holes i could SOG 14 plants, i may do that someday. Right now i have 3 plants. 2 Lemon Zkittles and a Strawberry Banana

I have always used the Gen Hydro trio for base nutes. I use Botanicare CalMag, and Silica Blast, ive used Armor Si, and Aptus Fasilator for Silica in the past, i like Aptus, but its stupid expensive. I also use Thrive Alive to help the Micro nutes, Fulvic acid ( i like Fulpower from Bioag). I use Koolbloom wet for a PK booster and Mendicino Avalanche to finish. Ive used Koolbloom Dry in the past to finish, but i like Avalanche more

I usually SCROG... I made a frame and velcroed it to the wall on one side. Right now its height is set up for 25 gallon Smart pots, (i dont always grow in hydro) and a bit lower than i like. When the net isnt in use i hinge it up and mount it to the wall.

The pots and reservoir are connected together with 2" hose and bulkheads. This large hose allows the return line to travel back through the hose from the res. and its pump to the bin farthest away. This is kinda hard to explain without a picture so here goes...

The first pictures shows the res., the pump and feed line.
This line pushes the nutes to the first, farthest bin. Water pressure pushes the water back through the 2" hose to the res. When adding nutes it takes a few minutes to normalize, nothing too long. I use an autofill valve coming from a Hydrologic 300 RO filter... i LOVE this piece. If you dont have an autofill get one. Ive added a 6 inch round stone and an Eco 3 pump to the res. recently to do away with any dead spots.

I use a Hanna meter to give the vitals.
I like this thing, but it gave me a scare and i thought i was going to have to replace the probe. At $175 its rediculously expensive. The meter seems to be working now, but i have been double checking it with a handheld Millwaukee meter for giggles.

I grow in a heavily insulated shed. For environment, i have a window AC, a dehumidifier, an 8 inch inline fan that pulls are through 3 6 inch holes in the wall and a through a 3M filter. This fan is exhausted through the roof.

On the res is a 6 inch fan that blows through the lid and cools the water. It sounds ridiculous, but i can cool it down by 10 degrees from the ambient. No need for a chiller.

Im using an MH/HPS with an XXL reflector. I keep it at 650, but i guess its good for 1100watts.... though i will never need it. Im still on the fence with this light. This is my second season with it. Historically ive used Platinum (two different styles) G8, Perfect Sun, Spectrum King and Black Dog LEDs. Im new to HPS.

Here are a few pictures of this system at work

I hope you enjoyed my show and tell. If you have questions please ask
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Awesome looking setup @Stltoed!! :bravo: It's running well that's for sure. Some monster buds you pulled there! :adore: That is a big haul, what was your final weight?


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Awesome looking setup @Stltoed!! :bravo: It's running well that's for sure. Some monster buds you pulled there! :adore: That is a big haul, what was your final weight?
That season was 2 plants. The yield was 27oz for the both. The plant with the big buds weighed just over a pound the other weighed almost 11oz. If you look at the picture of the table with the buds you will see the 1 pound plant laid out and the other in the jars at the other end of the table.

Thanks man. That grow was fun, hoping to do it again this season
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