1. G

    Is this a Hermie?

    So sad I'm hoping someone tells me it is something else but here is the pic... Have about 10 days to go maybe less....
  2. Bob Loblaw

    Somekind Perils

    Well I finally have some pics to share so here are my ongoing grows. I doubt I'll be consistent at posting or very good at producing wild great crops but I will share what I can I guess. I'll start with some pics from my last crop which did not turn out very good. Full on seeded out crop where...
  3. Grandma Weedstein

    Hermie feminized seed?

    So I absentmindedly walked down to my outdoor grow site in the dark carrying a flashlight to pick up some tools I'd left there. Realized too late I could have disrupted the light cycle, which could apparently cause the plants to develop hermies. My question is: All these plants are clearly...
  4. Advice massively appreciated!!I so hope this is just a swollen calyx!!!

    Advice massively appreciated!!I so hope this is just a swollen calyx!!!

    Fourth week in flower I didn’t think they’d herm but I am learning. 4 grows with one hermitage (3rd one), I really hope she’s a she proper like.. anyone?
  5. S

    This hermies?

    do you think this is hermie and if so best course of action? thanks guys......
  6. Zafu

    Please help - Are these Hermies?

    I ordered all feminized seeds last year and all eleven ladies were female. This season, out of 10 plants I've already pulled one that was clearly male and now have 4 remaining that are suspect Hermies. The buds are not full colas (1- month of flowering today) like the Jamaican Dream and...
  7. A

    G-Damn Hermies

    I've made my own seeds before - successfully. I don't have the space to do what one could really call breeding - I start with good solid parents from good solid strains. Don't have the facility/space to grow out multiple candidates for pollen or females. I pollinated a clone of a solid 9...
  8. N

    How dark so no hermies

    So how dark must my room be so I don't have problems. I'm growing femanized seeds, soil, Humboldt nutrients, greenhouse grow and have to move to dark room, can I just cover or is it worth the time to move to complete dark room? My plants are tall already.
  9. T

    Studying Genetic Hermaphrodites

    Hello, Let me preface this by saying that I am not trying to sell anything here. I have a genetic test that I use in the field that spots the Y chromosome on cannabis plants. However, my research leads me to believe that in some cases, hermies act the way they do because, like true male plants...
  10. Cloudblood

    Hermaphrodite Plant Info: Female Seeds but...

    Feminised Cannabis Seeds InformationHermaphroditism is a natural trait that occurs spontaneously in cannabis plants in the wild as a final emergency response to the absence of either sex in a colony. The mechanism allows the plant to self-pollinate by producing both female and male flowers. Most...
  11. T

    Hermies keeporkill?

    I am a first timer and out of my 90 babies 30 are hermies and the rest female. my mentor told my to kill all of them. I feel I have the space to seperate but not the knowledge. What should I do keep or kill? Pls help me.
  12. BlissfulToker

    Light Leaks & Hermies

    Just wondering what the average grower would consider to be a light leak. would a light leak be considered a little beam of light directly hitting the leaves? Does the grow room need to have ABSOLUTE PITCH BLACK darkness? or is it alright if there is a faint glow from behind some blackout...
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