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Light Leaks & Hermies


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Just wondering what the average grower would consider to be a light leak.
would a light leak be considered a little beam of light directly hitting the leaves?
Does the grow room need to have ABSOLUTE PITCH BLACK darkness?
or is it alright if there is a faint glow from behind some blackout curtains?

Also what is the likelihood of hermies from a light leak? High? Low?
The Plants are in veg stage right now, on 18/6 light. at times the room may have a faint glow from an exterior 26w CFL, but there is never an actual beam of light hitting the plants, and even it did hit them it's only a 26w CFL. would that be enough to do it?
Should i be worrying? What would be considered adequate stress to make a hermie?

any input is much appreciated. :32:

Droopy Dog

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In veg, light leaks are not a problem.

Flowering is another story, No worries .... yet

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