1. G

    Pistils turned brown in pre flower

    Growing an Auto-flower, age about 6 weeks. Yesterday I saw the first signs of pre-flower with white pistils sticking out but they immediately turned brown today. (See before and after pics) The plant is growing in a well draining, potting soil mix, in natural sunlight (approx 11-12 hrs a day)...
  2. R

    Need help identifying preflowers

    Hello everyone, I need help identifying these pre flowers. Definitely leaning towards a male or hermie. I had my 24 hr timer cause a small light leak by keeping some of my diodes lightly dimmed during the night cycle, so sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised if this ruined my crop. Any help is much...
  3. hazeluv69

    Tent too hot: Using a 1000w

    I’ve recently changed my light from my 600w hps to a dimlux 1000w I have used it before & am just entering end of veg so I thought I’d introduce the big light. It is on 600w, I have an oscillating fan and a 6inch extractor fan with ducting towards a window, it is a 1.2x1.2 tent. My issue is...
  4. hazeluv69

    Heat issue due to fan placement

    Well firstly I’m growing in coco coir, canna range , flowering week 4 ph 6-6.5, temps 25-28 lights on, humidity 50-70 mainly 50/60. Recently my temperatures have been going up to 31 degrees when I turn my oscillating fan that I have blowing air down towards the plants . Without that fan on and...
  5. P

    Male Hermaphrodite Specimen

    Hey people! This is a story about a poor and lonely male plant. There once was a bagseed. It had seen it all during veg, you name it, cold temps, overfed, pests, totally random schedule, leaks, stripped almost to the bone numerous times. Even now it sees light for 13 not just 12h every day. At...
  6. LST #2 June 22nd

    LST #2 June 22nd

  7. LST #2 June 22nd

    LST #2 June 22nd

  8. M

    Change lights on timing

    New to the scene. Working on my first grow. I have four seedlings, sprouted about seven days ago. I have them on an 18/6 cycle, 6am-12am. I've read that running lights during "off peak" times is cheaper and will save a few bucks in the long run. If there's any truth to that, I want to go from...
  9. M

    Got big problem! First time grower

    Can I cut leaves & branches that have died due to heat stress when they're 4-5 week's into flowering
  10. C

    About myself

    Im 25 live Cali i use weed for medicinal helps relieve stress i also have serious lower back problems so it also helps sooth my muscles at night and helps me sleep. I always wanted to grow weed idk its not more so for the weed it just kind of amaze me how a seed can turn into this big ass plant...
  11. A

    CO2 - BakeSoda & vinegar - Anyone using - Thoughts?

    Title says it all, I'm considering setting up this rig for a 4x4' tent. - Thoughts & experience ? A few more concerns on my first grow, 20 days from seed pop. - Daytime canopy temps been peaking @ 90, no stress indications. Should I stress? - Highly organic, good drained medium...
  12. Sister Vee

    Can cannabis cure stress?

    CAN CANNABIS CURE STRESS? For over 5000 years now humans have known that the EC System is intricately linked to the pathway known as The Cortico-Limbic Circuit of the stress system which regulates the whole stress response. So we know that Cannabinoids regulate a variety of stress related...
  13. Ron Strider

    Why Marijuana Compounds Could Eventually Replace Anti-Anxiety Meds

    Research into the potential medical uses of marijuana compounds continues apace. Among the most recent, a study delved into why marijuana is an effective stress reducer. While not conclusive on their own, the results contribute to a longer-term possibility — that marijuana compounds may turn out...
  14. Ron Strider

    Muted Stress Response Linked To Long-Term Cannabis Use

    A new study by Washington State University psychology researchers reveals a dampened physiological response to stress in chronic cannabis users. Using a nationally recognized procedure designed to provoke elevated levels of stress, Carrie Cuttler, clinical assistant professor of psychology...
  15. T

    Having a little issue - Heat stress?

    So I just got my new room built and am having an issue I've only had in small cases but now it's effecting a good portion of my garden, I'm pretty sure it's heat stress even though my room isn't getting above 80. I'm currently only running 4 600's at 2 feet, it's a 10x8 room, good air...
  16. SweetSue

    Post Traumatic Stress Injury: Living & Loving With The Hidden Wound

    Let's start a conversation in support of the caregivers who love someone with PTSD. Post Traumatic Stress rewires the neural and sensory pathways to trap your brain and body in that traumatic event that triggered your survival response. This complicates interpersonal relationships, believe it or...
  17. Ron Strider

    Stressed Out? Smoking This Much Weed Can Calm You Down

    We all deal with some form of stress, whether it's during a job interview, or a public speaking task. There are several coping techniques, such as humor, meditation, or physical activity, that can help manage our stress, but science suggests smoking weed can also calm our nerves. Researchers at...
  18. Ron Strider

    UK: One Puff Of Cannabis DOES Help Relieve Stress, But Is More Bad For Anxiety Levels

    A new study has confirmed that small doses of medical marijuana do help relieve stress - but any more than a couple of puffs has the opposite effect. Researchers in Chicago split 42 people into three groups, and gave them each a batch of THC capsules - one equivalent to a couple of puffs, one...
  19. P

    What about my girl ? Need little help

    Hey there guys. I bought Whitewidow autos from same seed bank.I' m using 400 watts hps and 400 watts chinees full spectrum leds. But one of my girls unhaappy and seems she stressed . But i am confuesd . Everything is the same. Water, nutrients , soil but pot. Can you guys explain and help me out...
  20. P

    What is wrong with my girl?

    I bough same seeds from same seedbank . But one of my white widow looking stressed and unhappy. what is your oppinnions guys? I need a little help over here. last image the samae whitewidow from same seedbank. She doing well.
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