Can cannabis cure stress?

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For over 5000 years now humans have known that the EC System is intricately linked to the pathway known as The Cortico-Limbic Circuit of the stress system which regulates the whole stress response. So we know that Cannabinoids regulate a variety of stress related behaviours at distinct locations in the brain because of the expression of Cannabinoid Receptors in these locations. Also we know that the EC System controls the Endocrine System from where the stress hormones are released.

Cannabis has been helping people to relax for thousands of years by reducing stress and relieving tension and anxiety.

Personally ii don’t really need any scientific proof of this fact and many people will tell you that they could of told anyone this for free and frankly most of us in the Cannabis Community feel that it is unnecessary to spend so much energy testing little rats when there are millions of people around the world who would happily do this research for free because they already know the outcome of the study based on personal experience.
So Cannabis definitely protects the brain from the harsh effects of stress.

Stress affects the brain in a number of ways including memory and learning abilities, cognitive deficits (brain damage, impaired functioning) as well as mood alterations. The most important thing to be conscious of is that chronic stress has a negative effect on the EC System leading to Cannabinoid Deficiency.

Stress can literally eat a person up and this is because it actually causes serious biological damage to individual cells affecting how cells communicate and send and receive messages affecting all of the body’s systems not only the brain even the heart as we know how many people have stress related heart attacks. Stress also causes physical pain and we all know that Cannabis is the best pain killer.

In any event there is no shortage of published studies which have consistently proven and continue to prove that Cannabis is without doubt able to counteract the negative effects of stress on the brain, body and soul and ii have observed that most people if you have to generalise will find their stabilising dose and delivery system which works perfectly for them within 30 days of starting treatment.

Something else ii have observed over the years is that while there is no doubt that Cannabis can alter behaviour in many people, but what ii have noticed is that there is a certain positive regulating role in behaviour during particularly stressful times or in times of environmental challenges. I have observed people from all walks of life operating under stress with and without Cannabis and definitely ii can say that Cannabis consumers definitely handle stress better than non- users and this is because their EC Systems are not performing having depleted the body of Anadamide, one of our natural Endocannabinoids, so the EC System needs Cannabis to stimulate the system again. Cannabis does this by reducing the signs of anxiety especially under stressful conditions.

Cannabis laws have relaxed and changed to accommodate Cannabis Medicine over the past decade however, ii am deeply concerned that the people who control this planet are dead set on ensuring that the only way this medicine will get to the people is via the pharmaceutical industry. In other words, it will not be natural and it will definitely have side effects because this is a requirement for medical approval.


Synthetic cannabinoids are very dangerous because they act as FULL agonists of Cannabinoid Receptors where natural plant derived THC only acts as a PARTIAL agonist. This means that synthetic Cannabis products are almost double the strength, often many times stronger due to the higher THC strains being cultivated and people have hearts attacks and suicidal thoughts on these products and many of these have already been recalled off shelves around the world and also because of pesticides and bacteria. Besides all of this you are going to be made to pay money for this, when in reality you could be growing it in your back yard for free.

So you can see the whole ‘babylon’ pattern of operating as they do with our food and everything they want to control this plant because it is for the healing of the nations and this is not in accordance with their aim to keep the nations sick and diseased.

First ii think about all the sick children, little ones suffering with epilepsy for instance, and their distraught parents who often do not know how to cope.

These children and their parents need the actual plant not some man made chemically altered damaged version of JAH healing creation.

So now more than ever before and especially in light of the recent High Court ruling in Cape Town, ii am asking people to seriously look at growing their own plants at home this is the only way you will know that you are getting a real plant based medicine.

How does Cannabis cure stress?

Anandamide is one of our natural Cannabinoids produced inside our bodies and it works the same way as THC by stimulating the Cannabinoid Receptors.

So in other words when Anandamide levels are low there are high stress levels and the body needs the THC from Cannabis to produce more Endocannabinoids and more receptors to fight the stress.

Chronic stress negatively affects the EC System…

In the old days we used to say that stress ‘blocks’ the EC System but what actually happens is that chronic stress basically uses up all the natural Anandamide in the body making the person Cannabinoid Deficient and it also causes a loss of Cannabinoid Receptor production throughout the body in various cell systems.

In fact this is what gave scientists the first indication of the involvement of the EC System with the stress system. They realised that the EC System was constantly restrained by stress exposure.

Many research experiments ii have looked at all prove that CB1 receptors literally disappear when the body is dealing with stress. Fortunately our creator in HIS wisdom built a back- up plan into the EC System.

The decline in Anandamide activates the stress response in the body and brain. Because the EC System and the stress system are so intricately connected Anandamide is now known to be a critical factor of stress regulation.

This is how Cannabis is able to cure stress because THC which is only found in Cannabis mimics the properties and activities of our natural Anandamide. Cannabis stimulates the EC System to produce more Endocannabinoids and more receptors to protect the brain and body against the harsh effects of stress.

Stress hormones which are rapidly released in response to stress in turn increase the activity of the fatty acids which break Cannabinoids down and this reduces Anandamide signalling and production. Essentially this is how stress ‘blocks’ the EC System and this is why we need Cannabis to fight stress.

So the number one enemy of the EC System is stress and many studies have proven that both acute and chronic stress as well as constant exposure to the same stressor will reduce Anandamide levels in the body.

It is very true that most Cannabis research being conducted right now focuses on the effect of THC on human behaviour but no one ever seems to look at how our behaviour or our environments affects the EC System. We need to take a closer look at how we are living our lives and at our behaviour and make serious decisions about what state of consciousness we wish to live in meaning freedom or slavery.

You will recall ii have told you before that the EC System is an omnipresent system which is not in constant action in other words its receptors and Endocannabinoids and ligands are not freely available rather they are produced and released on demand which is unlike any other system in the body and makes the EC System very interesting to study because it is so extremely flexible and energy conserving. All indications are that it really is all about the THC/CBD ratios and this ii am discovering through intense chemistry studies and ii will write about it as soon as ii can relay it as ii understand it.

CBD has the ability to calm THC which it does by using its ability to change the shape of Cannabinoid Receptors to counteract or ease the anxiety associated with the psychedelic effects of THC.

In our bodies we have a second Endocannabinoid known as 2- AG which is basically our body’s CBD just as Anandamide is our THC. It’s really interesting to note that chronic stress then depletes our Anandamide but yet at the same time seems to have a positive effect on 2 -AG our natural CBD which we know is excellent for reducing anxiety. This is the duality of Cannabis which ii started to speak about in the paper titled “What’s so special about The EC System?”

So in other words even when the body is under chronic stress which depletes our Anandamide supplies, the body naturally has the ability to produce more 2-AG to counteract the stress. This is why we need Cannabis to ensure a healthy EC System.

So even though as far as ii know, besides synthetic cannabinoids, organophosphates and certain bacteria chronic stress is the main threat to The EC System, our Creator has found a way to combat this by letting this same stress have a positive effect on our other Endocannabinoid which performs the functions of CBD which is to reduce anxiety. Not only does the body start to produce more 2 -AG upon encountering stress, but it also now seems that chronic stress actually brings about a reduction of the enzymes which normal destroy any extra 2-AG. When it comes to Cannabis Medicine it is really all about balance in the body also known as homeostasis.

This is exactly how Cannabis cures stress…and ii hope this makes sense.

As far as ii am concerned all this stress that we are expected to endure is not natural or normal as some scientists and theologists would have us believe. Let me tell you there is nothing natural about stress we are supposed to be free and living a free life. The only stress we are supposed to deal with is that which is natural like storms, child birth and so on.

My metaphysical studies have over the years revealed the truth about what is wrong with this world we live in and to be frank there is nothing wrong with the world the problem is the people they are evil.

You should do your own research so that the information will filter through your brain and therefore your consciousness you don’t need me to tell you about the new world order and their ambitious agenda. The truth is there is a handful of people who control this world, you may think you are in control of your life or that you even own your property…you are mistaken this ii can promise you. And your sub conscious knows this to be true that is also why humans are so stressed.

This daily rat race that we have to endure simply to survive on the planet which did not cost a cent to create so we must ask why we are the only species which has to pay to live on earth and to exactly whom do we owe this debt?

This handful of self- appointed elite people, actually they are evil, and not even human…ii have learnt now that these people are reptilian in nature and have abilities such as shape shifting for example. In order to survive they need to feed, what do they feed on? Human emotions…yes…that is correct…these evil people need to harvest human emotions in order to sustain themselves here on earth.

How do they do this? Well horrifically the first place to look is at child abuse and slowly but surely the world is waking up to massive crimes against humanity in particular children, stories straight from the Vatican in fact…so it almost seems as though the world is standing back and like really good catholics (ii refuse to put in capitals) they simply just forgive all their evil high priests of their sexual offences on small children.

This is not forgiveness because the people have not even shown anger yet they are just accepting this situation blindly all around the world no one is even standing up and demanding justice. No one seems to be outraged at this behaviour. Here in South Africa you will get more reaction to the death of a rhinoceros than a human baby.

You can never believe this complacency and ii have always said that ii am sure they are spraying substances such as scopaline over the people possibly through their chem trail activity to keep the people docile and unconscious of their actions and even thoughts ii really believe that a lot of the stress on this planet has already been achieved through these type of scenarios.

Truly as per the prophecies, the people have been deceived by the system they look to for protection and they cannot even see it. This is what creates the majority of the stress on the planet.

Practically, the whole professed Christian world in particular the catholics by not reacting are showing the rest of us that they have embraced this abominable behavior of their masters who they worship.

Truly all the people have been deceived and cannot see that the system is bashing directly against their religious liberty or any other freedom they think they might have and therefore many people may feel that they are literally being legislated right out of their promised freedom, despite there being solid constitutions and Human Rights Declarations in place in most societies supposedly to assure the people of freedom.

Freedom is an illusion and stress is the proof of this illusion.

In order to free ourselves we require huge amounts of courage to defeat this unjust system we are forced to serve in order to survive. Never let us forget that we are many and they are few and all we need do is stand up and their little game will be over.

The other way they harvest human emotions is by creating enough stress to cause people to have emotional breakdowns like crying is one of their favourites they seem to love tears a lot. Poverty, illness, war, slavery and all these other Babylon things they create and present to us as reality is all geared at creating a negative environment to ensure an endless supply of tears.

Stress levels are getting higher and higher and more and more people are on pharmaceuticals with serious side effects to ‘cope with this stress’.

We are fighting with our leaders around the world to give us the Cannabis plant back so we may heal ourselves and they continue to try to convince us that Cannabis is a dangerous drug yet alcohol remains legal even on Sundays their own chosen Sabbath.

In order to save ourselves from what is happening in our world in our lives in our families we need to seek higher education in order to awaken our consciousness to what is really going on this world and this is then how we will rid the planet of this unnecessary and unnatural stress we are all forced to live with.


Drake Dorm – Medical Jane contributor
“Translational Psychiatry” Vanderbilt University Tennessee
University of Haifa in Israel
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