1. Slinks

    Where can I find info on RDWC?

    So ive found lots of how I built my rdwc system plan info but not much about the science... What I want to know is the science behind pipe sizes, bucket sizes, benefits of epicentre, length of pipe in relation to flow etc. I need more technical info rather than just plans so I can look at...
  2. vyserage

    RDWC add-on dripper system for first 2 weeks - Where?

    So im going to get this on amazon and it should come with everything i need but it doesnt have a dripper system up above laying around where seed will be planted, from what i read this gives it increased growth rate for the first 2 weeks. Can anybody please tell me how i would go about...
  3. J

    JuustJ's new design for a true Aeroponic tent set up & build

    Afternoon everyone, So after thinking I was growing aeroponically all this time I have come to find out what I was really doing was more of a mister / ebbnflow system. Using spray tips from the local hydro shop and a tray and buckets with the "misters" spraying the roots and then collecting...
  4. Grandpa Tokin

    Grandpa Tokin's RDWC & Timber COBs

    Hello everyone! Well, Grandpa's been a busy beaver lately. The holidays are over and I'm happy about that. Time to focus on the garden. I hope you enjoy what happens. I am a medical marijuana patient in my state and only grow my own medicine. I like the fact that I can grow more than what...
  5. Ron Strider

    CA: Arcata Tweaks Laws For New Cannabis Era

    The City Council last week introduced a pair of companion ordinances that bring Arcata into conformance with state cannabis law. According to a staff report, the ordinances, nos. 1496 and 1497, tweak the Land Use Code and Arcata Municipal Code in various ways. No. 1496 standardizes use of...
  6. Ron Strider

    The Best Offense: Preventive Medicine Gains An Ally In Cannabis

    Preventive medicine is a hot topic these days — everyone is looking for ways to stay healthy and avoid illness. Until recently, the mainstream medical community would hardly even consider the idea that cannabis could have a role to play in preventing serious diseases. That is slowly...
  7. D

    Droopy & curling leaves - New grower seeking help please

    Hi there, i Inherited these 3 plants, strain in Afgan apprarently. I received them in small soil pots and they were quite messy, i gave them a clean up, taking off dry laves of the lower sten. Got the new environment for them ready over a couple days, it's a DWN system. THe system is about 21...
  8. H

    Flood & Drain IWS - 100% Clay - Sterile or beneficial bacteria with a chiller?

    Hey guys, ive just purchased an IWS F&D 12 Pot system with the 25mm pipes and 1 minute timer and external controller. Ive ran a RDWC system with spray bars and airstones for the last 12 months sterile. Im wondering how people run these F&D systems nutrient wise. Do people go with...
  9. O

    Crop King Seeds

    Have ordered cks seeds twice; Auto white widow and blueberry. Great results using 600w hps/mh system. Reliable company with apparently good genetics.
  10. D

    What nutrients should I use on an alien 6 pot system

    I've recently purchased an Alien RDWC XL 6 pot system, as this is all new to me I just wanted to know what nutrients you'd recommend from start to finish.
  11. G


    i was wondering if i were to use a grow system, not dissimilar to the Seedolab hydroponic system, would i still need to germinate the seeds?
  12. D

    My chilling system what do you guys think?

    First of i hope i put this in the right part of the forum if not sorry! :) So i need to chill my system and this is a blue print i made. I must have a pump that drives water to my chiller. Any feedback on if this would work or not will be appreciated .
  13. Z

    Aeroponic newbie

    Hi guys. This will be my first post on my diy Aeroponic system. Please I am looking for a lot of help on nutrients and microbiology in the Aero system. What nutrient and additives are recommend for aero. Can microbes be added to res. Will add some pics of my system so grow room is still...
  14. Rider509

    Rider509: Two Thais & G13

    Thus it begins. I don't smoke, and yet I grow. Go figure. For me it's all about the toys, the process, and the challenge. Growing makes me happy. All of the meds that I grow are for my brother that has both Lupus and Polycythemia Vera. Poor fucker. :) Was going to do a grow of a proprietary...
  15. Sister Vee

    Can cannabis cure stress?

    CAN CANNABIS CURE STRESS? For over 5000 years now humans have known that the EC System is intricately linked to the pathway known as The Cortico-Limbic Circuit of the stress system which regulates the whole stress response. So we know that Cannabinoids regulate a variety of stress related...
  16. C

    Transparent Ikea box

    Starting to build my ebb flood system, but I've made a mistake. Roots don't need light. I'm afraid that these boxes will destroy the whole system cause of the light the roots can get. What is your opinion. Basically I want to make the following system in the link below. Only different I...
  17. Sister Vee

    Can cannabis replace vaccines? In honour of Professor Ester Fride

    Can Cannabis Replace vaccines? Dedicated to Professor Ester Fride Professor Ester Fride was the Dutch Israeli scientist who proved that mammals could not suckle and survive without a fully developed EC System. The medical implications of her work are far reaching and her work proved...
  18. Sister Vee

    Is Cannabis the vital link between the EC system, Tachion energy & our blood system

    CANNABIS AND THE BLOOD SYSTEM PART 2 Is Cannabis the vital link between The EC System, Tachion Energy and our Blood System? People who know me well will tell you that ii have an overactive imagination because ii smoke too much Cannabis…ii have also been questioned about my “Bullshit...
  19. Sister Vee

    Can cannabis cure children - In honour of Dr Ester Fride

    CAN CANNABIS CURE CHILDREN? ~ IN HONOUR OF PROFESSOR ESTER FRIDE While most of the world is rushing around playing legal games about how to deliver Cannabis to the people instead of simply giving it back to us…the biggest question on my mind is What about the children? So now we know and have...
  20. T

    DIY 8x plant 67gal RDWC system

    What's up everybody. Wanted to share the RDWC system I'm just finishing building. I'm using 2" PVC to connect 8x 5gal buckets. I used the X style, rather than under-current style. Basically, this is just because this configuration uses the least amount of Uniseal's, which end up being the...
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