1. 420

    420 Magazine's 30th Year of Cannabis Activism

    It's our 30th Anniversary, and on 4/20 no less! :passitleft: We are the longest running forum based Cannabis community platform in the world, and weed like to graciously thank our members, sponsors & staff for their support, participation and most importantly their activism. So much has...
  2. TorturedSoul

    Happy 420!

    Our holiday has arrived, lol. Happy 420!!! And the universe was kind enough to ensure that it happened to be on a FRYday this year. That means you can make a weekend of it. And that makes it plural, so... Happy HoliDAZE! If you are lucky enough to be so equipped, smoke, vaporize, eat, or some...
  3. Ron Strider

    Has 4/20 Burned Out In Colorado? April Data Shows Drop In Pot Taxes

    Colorado is used to seeing marijuana sales tax dollars spike in April, thanks to the 4/20 holiday on April 20, but that wasn't the case this year, according to the Colorado Department of Revenue. Sales tax data from the regulatory agency responsible for overseeing the state's Marijuana...
  4. R

    Legal Cannabis Will Mean Nothing In Vancouver Where People Act Like It Already Is

    "Doobies," the dude shouted Wednesday morning, from an empty stage. "There will be doobies. Lots of them." He paused, looked around. "Free doobies, for anyone here." The dude was getting bummed. There were few doobie takers outside the Vancouver Art Gallery, traditional home of what's become...
  5. ShiggityFlip

    The Great 4/20 Smokathon of 2016!

    I was talking with Blaze about long distance smoke sessions and we decided we should have a forum wide smokathon/vapathon/dabathon/consumableathon on 4/20. We would start on 4/20 in New Zealand and Australia and follow it around the globe through all time zones. Pictures of nugs, bongs...
  6. R

    Colorado Pot Sales Predicted To Be Brisk On 4/20

    Although it won't be quite the stampede of Black Friday, 4/20 is expected to generate some serious revenue at Colorado dispensaries. The four days between April 17 and April 20 provided Colorado's pot shops with three of the state's highest-selling days in 2015, according to a recent report from...
  7. sinbad

    It's Almost 4/20 - Anyone doing or going?

    Greets to all my shorty's, best of all to fellow MM card holders & of course those who provide and enjoy the ride. Anyone got plans to go to Lansing or Southfield for this years 4/20 events? If you've been kept up on things, you would know our AG is the dude who was fighting passing our MM...
  8. M

    4/20 Events Near Salem, OR

    hi everybody.. im looking for events in or near Salem Oregon i hear there was one near Jefferson any thing would help also i am close to Seattle.
  9. 420

    Medical Marijuana Pioneer 420 Magazine Launches New Website on 4/20

    HOLLYWOOD, CA–(Marketwire – April 20, 2010) – 420 Magazine is pleased to announce that at 4:20 AM on 4/20/10 we will be launching our newly redesigned website www.420Magazine.com. We invite all our members, friends, and guests to visit us this upcoming International Holiday to help celebrate and...
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