Colorado Pot Sales Predicted To Be Brisk On 4/20

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Although it won't be quite the stampede of Black Friday, 4/20 is expected to generate some serious revenue at Colorado dispensaries. The four days between April 17 and April 20 provided Colorado's pot shops with three of the state's highest-selling days in 2015, according to a recent report from BDS Analytics, which says that the average sales during that span was a little north of $4 million per day – almost double the $2.2 million average throughout the rest of the month.

"We knew, of course, that 4/20 is a retail bonanza for cannabis brands, dispensaries, grows and more," said BDS Analytics founder and CEO Roy Bingham in a statement accompanying the report. "Our data reveal its powerful impact." Here are some other highlights from the report.

Sales in Colorado are expected to exceed $5 million per day from April 15 to April 20:

This year's edition of 4/20 is projected to generate around $1 million more per day than on last year's holiday weekend, with all varieties of cannabis product sales expected to increase. Last year, cannabis-infused butter and massage oils saw dips in sales on 4/20.

The price of flower is on the decline: Since April 20, 2015, the average price per gram of marijuana flower has dropped 13 percent, from $6.67 to $5.57 today. Keep in mind, this is not the average price of a single gram for sale at a recreational dispensary in Colorado; the report uses numbers from both medical and recreational dispensaries, which sell most of their flower in eighths, half-ounces and other bulkier amounts.

Edibles continue to rise in popularity and price: Unlike flower and concentrates, the average pot-infused baked good has risen 18 cents, from $8.02 to $8.18. The price of candy bars has increased 45 cents, to an average of $16.27 per unit. In BDS's last report, the edibles market in Colorado grew three out of four quarters in 2015, with 63 percent of edibles sales attributed to baked goods and candy bars.

BDS says the growing size of the legal marijuana industry is largely responsible for the expected rise in sales year over year. Colorado pot shops saw an average of 30 percent more sales in January and February of 2016 compared with the same months last year, according to the data firm. There are now over 200 dispensaries, medical and recreational, in the Denver metro area alone.

Bingham says BDS surveys around 20 percent of Colorado's marijuana dispensaries and product manufacturers, giving the company an operational sample size to make estimates for the rest of the industry.

In June 2015, a poll by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment reported that 13.6 of Colorado adults over the age of eighteen identified as marijuana users. As of February 2015, Colorado's Medical Marijuana Registry had 108,675 registered patients.


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I wonder what the voter's are going to let the state have the money for next year. In 2015 Colorado voters gave overwhelming support to the state by letting them keep the 61 million dollar budget surplus, racked up by the sell of marijuana, and forgo an individual tax refund check of about $13.00. I mean they spread that money everywhere: Schools, drug treatment, and heck even poison control got an extra 1 million bucks. Things are great here and I believe I read a Facebook post/article that claims we are the richest state in the country. Life's good in Colorado but housing is limited and expensive.

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I'm glad somebody is talking about this! I've been reluctant to purchase any large amounts of flower or edibles recently in anticipation of the 4/20 celebration sales from 4/16-4/20. I can't wait to see what new merch the dispos put on the floor for me to try!!! :tokin:

As for the surplus of tax money, let's hope they can invest that in some affordable housing options in Colorado. I'm getting really sick of these transplants clogging up the roads and jacking up the housing prices around here. It's also really dumb that they continue to develop "luxury" sites all around the metro area. Helloooooo, not everybody needs granite and hardwood floors and that hefty price tag. I digress, Colorado is my home and I'm sure our people will figure this out.
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