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    Indoor Cultivation of Cannabis

    The indoor cultivation of cannabis requires the following basic conditions: 1. Lights. The light can be HPS/HID, CFL or LED. These lights have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, it is recommended that novice growers use LED lights. 2. Suitable growth medium-soil/soilless...
  2. Born on 420 2021

    Born on 420 2021

    Original Skunk #1
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    Big Bud Bonsai Mother
  4. OfficialWEEGrow

    WEEGrow LED 420 SALE- [Q-1000] for only $59

    WEEGrow 420 SALE-Last 2 days! ROUND (April 20th - April 21th) Only 10 in stocks 30% Extra Discount on Checkout :yahoo:Totally save up to 50% :yahoo: Price : $59 $119.99 [Code:420SALE]
  5. Wowsa! My girls are showin they got moxy!

    Wowsa! My girls are showin they got moxy!

    Update! “beast mode!!! https://t.co/BaDOWAAv3f”
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    New addition to the family #420 #blueberry #topping

    My latest audition to my family blue berry auto just doing some experimental changes any advice go for it open ears topped this one check my last post for previous
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    1st time grower

    Hey guys New user here Wasssup So ive been following these threads for advice for a while now..finally signed up.. Ive got my 1st home grown outdoor sativa and need some advice and tips Will post pics below of the sativa Its most likely a swazi strain (im based in South Africa )...
  8. Airplane Bash

    5 reasons to juice your marijuana

    Juicing raw marijuana is amazingly simple and fast. It could be very a potent medicine and a tasty nutritional breakfast. Raw cannabis juice has many advantages over some other vegetables, and here are five of them. :cheer2::circle-of-love::Namaste:
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    I am a new grower in seek of hepp and advice
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    Im a first time grower and am having some trouble with my plants. I have a bkue dreams and a candyland and both ending the first month of flowering stage and them both has some of then the leaves are turning purple and has some white dots on them espacially the new leaves. I water them ones a...
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