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    My 420 Experience

    Today we felt like splurging, so we went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant, Burger King in Burbank...lol I start looking at the menu and realize that they have a bunch of meals for $4.20, so I grab my camera and begin to take a shot of the menu when the manager comes up and tells me I...
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    420 Girl of the Month Contest 2009

    Want to be the next 420 Girl? Want to help create Cannabis Awareness to the World? Now's your chance! 420 Magazine is pleased to announce auditions for the next 420 Girl of the Month. We are looking for 420 Girls of all ages, races, creeds, and cultures. We will feature winners in both...
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    Heart Rate Gets Messed Up When I Toke??

    :cool:To make a long story short, When i toke or take hits off my bong my heart rate ushally skyrockets, I think it gets worse the more weed i smoke. Whats up with that??RoorRip
  4. 420

    Darby Holm Glass Pipes

    Darby stopped by the other day to show us some of his amazing art... Check it out!
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