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  1. Ydro93

    Rare Grow?

    Good evening community! I planted 12 seeds about a week and a half ago after using the napkin method which worked great. I’m growing three different strains, majority of them are Lemon Cookies, then I have two Cookies & Dream, & the last one is Sour Grape. I planted them in plastic cups just...
  2. M

    Big Devil XL Auto

    sweet seeds - 5 Big devil XL auto flower. Grown outside in spain in 10 litre pots. I am thinking of harvesting these plants in the next week or so because the tricks are going from cloudy to brown so should be a good stoner hit they smell fruity like lemon and pineapple so funky looking forward...
  3. M

    1 week until harvesting

    sweet seeds - Cream Caramel autoflower. Grown outside in Spain. I am thinking of harvesting these plants in the next week or so because the tricks are going from cloudy to brown so should be a good stoner hit.
  4. 215BegginingGrower

    What are these small white spots on my seedling? Please help!

    Im new To growing and I have one particular question about my new weed plant. There are these white tiny spots along the first two leaves that sprouted and I’m neverous if there is something I’m missing. I use a desk Lamp with blue light at 100W about 4/5 inches away from the plant in a...
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    Without light
  6. Dabpress

    Dabpress 10% Off 420 Promotion - Build Your Own Hydraulic Rosin Press Dp-rp37 Anodized Rosin Cube Caged Plates

    Looking for the best way of enjoying nug bud of cannabis? Here is our innovative new dab machine to satisfy your flower nug: Best Rosin Cube Kits With Dual Coil Heater Temp Controller For Sale Dabpress dp-rp37 Rosin cube caged plates is an innovative machine that extracts high quality rosin...
  7. TorturedSoul

    Happy 420!

    Our holiday has arrived, lol. Happy 420!!! And the universe was kind enough to ensure that it happened to be on a FRYday this year. That means you can make a weekend of it. And that makes it plural, so... Happy HoliDAZE! If you are lucky enough to be so equipped, smoke, vaporize, eat, or some...
  8. H

    Herbies 420 Big Bonanza! 20% Off Everything!

    The Big 420 Offer – Herbies Updates 420 is upon us again and Herbies will not disappoint! Herbies Big 420 Offer means you can get 20% off everything for 4 whole days! Starting from 20th April through to 24th April. All you have to do is enter the code 420 at checkout. Cheesy! A lot of the old...
  9. Gary from The Vault

    The Vault - Plenty For 420

    The Vault are Super happy to bring you our fantastic 3 day 420 Promo, which kicks off at midnight tonight, (18th April, UK time). You are going to get Plenty for 420! To read more about this ridiculously good offer, all the deals in 4/20 and other ways to enter the competition element check our...
  10. T

    Brown pistils tip? Week 4 into flowering

    Hi guys, so I'm onto my 3rd day of week 4 into flowering and just yesterday i noticed some browning at the tips of my flower's top pistils and some (a smaller %) on the bottom pistils. Some pistils are all brow even. Now i don't have a magnifier but i ordered 1 online and it should be here in a...
  11. mari-who-wana.com     Please check out our site !!!

    mari-who-wana.com Please check out our site !!!

    I am starting a new clothing brand called mari-who-wana.com . Check out our site. We have some new designs especially for the upcoming 420 celebration. Please check out the site and let me know what you think of the designs and anything I can do to improve. Thank you very much !! Jim
  12. T


    I noticed what looks like white hairs a couple days back (ironically on March 8th international women's day) and today i decided to take a few pictures to ask for your expertise as I'm fairly new to all of this! Outdoor grow Natural 12/12 cycle Strain: unknown Medium: soil
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    Acapulco gold Newty
  14. P

    Hey I'm the new guy!

    Wassup! New to the forum. :-) I stumbled across this site while i was looking for some info on growing. Gonna start my first grow in a couple of weeks once i get the equiptment i need. Only gonna do just the one plant for personal use for now & work my way up from there. Done some research on...
  15. bignstrange

    Bignstranges 4x4 800w COB LED - New grower - Old tricks

    Hey guys and gals! I've been lurking here for years and the time has finally come. I have made my account and started my first grow journal! It started years ago with medicinal use for a vast variety of reasons. Recreational use was a very fortunate side effect XD without getting into...
  16. MaxPar

    GROWant Smart 800Watt Osram LED Grow Light

    I'm purchasing one of these lights for a test grow. GROWant Aluminum Smart 800Watt OSRAM LED Grow Light Full Spectrum - White_LED Grow Light_LED Grow Lights | GROWant | Germany Made OSRAM 2017 Horticulture LEDs I have a 10x10 area for growing and have a couple of hybrid lights already going...
  17. GroZone

    Grozone's Multitent Adventures - The Story Of A Perpetual Harvest

    Lets start off with my setup: -Critical Kush x3 (clones by midnight farms) -39" x 39" x 70" Mars Hydro Grow Tent -The Perfect Sun 500 LED (on timer) -One Intake Fan -One Oscillating Tower Fan -Coco Loco Growing Medium Mixed With Extra Perlite -5 Gal Smart Pots -Flora Nova Grow, Flora...
  18. MGO Grows

    Growers Wanted For Sponsored Journals - MightyGrow

    Hey guys! Sam here from MightyGrow Organics, I am looking for 3 growers to complete sponsored grow journals featuring my products. We are new to 420 Magazine, and I am excited to become a part of this community. I believe in MightyGrow products, and I believe that once the 420 community has...
  19. Cannapot

    GageGreenGroup At The Auction-Area At The Cannapot Hempshop

    Hi there :) Just wanted to let you know that we have a few very nice strains by the GAGE GREEN GROUP now available at our auction area --- these seeds are very limited and rare as hell at the moment... You can find different cannabisstrains like Amethyst, Blast, Cornerstone, Mendo Breath...
  20. C

    Where Does 420 Come From

    420 is like Christmas for stoners or , to be politically correct, marijuana enthusiasts. It̢۪s the day that all REAL weed smokers do what they do every other day of the year. Smoke! Only difference is, it̢۪s done on a much bigger scale. People plan months in advance to celebrate this day...