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  1. Justin Goody

    Justin Goody's Sponsored Journal: Featuring NextLight & Dope Seeds Gelato & Zkittlez

    Welcome Friends & Fellow Growers to my 2021 sponsored grow, Featuring The @NextLight Core, with Genetics by @Dope-Seeds.com & Blackskull. This is my first opportunity to do a sponsored grow as a staff member here, and I want to cover everything I can from unboxing until harvest. Please join me...
  2. Profile 420 Pic

    Profile 420 Pic

    Negative of a Wedding Cake photo, iPhone 8
  3. B

    Hello new friends

    I would like to introduce myself, I am bigdoosh696969 I would love to learn and see cool new things here. Please feel free to share anything interesting I should definitely check out here. Thanks! - bigdoosh696969
  4. G

    I think I topped my plant wrong please help!

    A week ago I decided to top my plant shes been in veg stage for 4 months. Prior to topping I read on one a forum my dad sent me on topping that said to top 7in down from the top on the plant, so I thats what I did. Her veins were a bright purple now theyre dark. Did I mess up? If so can it be...
  5. rockypl

    Winter Season Coming: Starting New Grow

    Starting new grow in coco , some mixture of strains and all my own from previous grows . Choosed best looking seeds . Is 4th day of grow pre-soaked for 24h , 20/4h . Watering with filtered water and 1ml-1l kelp. 80% 25-27C
  6. C

    Hi guys and girls

    Hey everyone one I’m new and a experienced grower loving my wedding cake atm and been making some edibles what you all smoking
  7. MeditativeStateOfMind.jpg


    Garden Trolls meditating under a Marijuana Plant!
  8. Feeding Mega Crop

    Feeding Mega Crop

  9. Agnes


  10. L


    Hey guys I just want to say that 85% of peeps think they know how to grow and personally elevate themselves as master growers, just know they are not, and they are not.
  11. Say cheese please!

    Say cheese please!

  12. kalashnikov


  13. Gelato


  14. Gorilla aGlue #4

    Gorilla aGlue #4

  15. Gelato


  16. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  17. Super Lemon

    Super Lemon

  18. Cheese


  19. Green Gelato & Sex Wax

    Green Gelato & Sex Wax

    Little one is Green Gelato
  20. Super Lemon

    Super Lemon

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