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  1. H

    Height question

    Indica 3 plants (cookies Kush, strawberry/banana, mystery free seed). Indoor Soil 7gal Led lighting ss440 Temp 75f Rh 55% First time grow. Indoor, 3x3 grow tent. Worried about the height of my babies. 24 days in the ground and tallest is just 7" tall. Started with lights 20" above...
  2. D

    Taproot above surface!

    Hi all, my seedlings are in rock wool two had sprouted and are showing true leaves. two of them however have the taproot growing above the surface i took the fully out and re planted the with the eaves above the surface and the taproot down do you think this will be okay?
  3. A

    I'm thinking nitrogen deficiency?

    I'm thinking NITROGEN deficiency. They just got RO water W/ 6.34 ph yesterday, wasn't like this yesterday. Their in Fox Farms ocean forest. Haven't had nutrients yet except cal-mag 8 days ago. Today is day 21 since germ and day 17 above soil for the top one and day 14 above soil for the bottom one
  4. Old Hippy 127

    Need a recommendation for a good seed bank

    I was using Herbie's seed in the UK, but they now require an awkward payment method. Ordered seeds from another UK bank, and the germination rate was 30%! OUCH! My previous rates were all above 90%. Looking for a good place to get seeds that accepts american bank cards. HELP!
  5. B

    Roots growing above medium? How bad a shape am I in?

    So I saw that my new roots starting growing above my medium (hydroton) a little bit... not much... just little nubs. I read around on the forum and saw that meant they were root-bound. I figured that must mean not enough oxygen since I'm in a bubbleponic system. I then checked and saw that...
  6. 4

    T5s chucking out a lot of heat?

    Hi everyone, I have 2 northern lights autos (seedlings) in a 90x60x90cm grow tent with 2ft 4-way T5s at 96w. I read that T5s hardly chuck out any heat and can be placed literally centimetres above plants, so I figured they would be perfect for my relatively small grow space. I've found...
  7. I

    LED question

    Hi guys,im using an led on one of my plants,the plant is bushing out nicely but not gaining height,i started with the led half a meter above and now ive got it about 12 inches above the plant ,im thinking maybe i should change to cfl ? ,any advice welcome
  8. N

    Anyone have any experience with any of these?

    Cross posted from journal: :Namaste:
  9. F

    Light while hanging?

    If a plant needs to be chopped, and it had to be hung in the grow space, would the light in the grow space dramatically effect the quality of the final product? It would be above the light, so it would be indirect light. Any help is appreciated!!!!
  10. C

    Proper extraction fan use

    Hi, My tent kit came with a 4" inline fan rated at 165 CFM. Is this dramatic overkill for a tent with just 35 cubic ft? My plants are just starting to break through the soil and my RH is hovering around 38% even with a bucket of water/towel wick setup, as well as having the plants raised above...
  11. F

    250w Horticultural CFL - Height above canopy?

    Have an Apollo 250w Horticultural CFL grow light and need to know the optimum height above canopy it should be placed above the canopy during both the Grow and Flower cycles. The last grow I did {my first successful one} I tried to keep it as close as possible as you would with a normal CFL bulb...
  12. P

    My 14 days old above soil auto berry autoflower - How does it look?

    My auto berry autoflower is 14 days old above soil. The first leaves turned yellow, is this bad ? And does my plant look sick or healthy ? And is it normal size for 14 days old above soil ?
  13. P

    12 day old above soil autoflower - How does it look?

    This is a auto berry fem. It is 12 days old above soil . it is planted in a 1 gallon smart pot filled with roots organic original and i added perlite. The first leaves are turning yellow but the rest of the plant seems ok. What do you think ? Does it look small for 12 days old above soil ?
  14. P

    31 day old above soil autoflower - How does it look?

    This is my 31 day old above soil early miss auto. It had to recover 2 times from over watering causing it dificiancys that why there is some dead yellow leaves.i think it has recoverd from the over watering and it still has dificiancys but i am not sure. The growth seems to be stunted a little...