1. Teleon

    Don't Panic, It's Organic! Jump In Everytime

    Hey :welcome: Here is my first grow and my first report, I hope u will enjoy! :yahoo: I wanted to do this since years, but never had enough time to do it - now I have the time and I'm very excited to see them grow. And if u will notice, I'm no native english speaking person - so forgive me...
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  3. K

    Best way to water air pot?

    Water literally gushes out the side if I water too fast, and it takes forever. Can we use SWICK setups with airpots? My PH is 7.5 run-off right now, do I just do math to "average" it or just adjust my water to exactly what I want? Tap water is 7.2ish
  4. R

    Abandoned 2nd Auto Grow Following 1st Grow Failure - CFL & Soil Grow

    So my 1st grow was a complete flop, had some problems from early on that took a long time to figure out and try put right, by the time I did it wa too late, my girls had hit flower and were just so tiny, the biggest leaf no bigger than about an inch on each of them!! I think the majority of my...
  5. B

    Abandoned Bigbuddhauk 37L Airpot/Coco Indoor Grow 2012

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi All Welcome To My First Indoor Grow. 5xBig Buddha Cheese, 1xGrapefruit, 3xBlue Cheese. All From Clones Big Buddha Cheese and Grapefruit 3Weeks Old Kept Under T5 Light Untill Blue Cheese Clones Turn up. Blue...
  6. L

    Abandoned Redberry Cherry Airpot Grow

    Hey guys!im back again for round 2!just a quick heads up on whats on offer. Using 80x80x120 grow tent for veg then upping the size for flowering when needed. Seeds: Barneys Farm Red Berry Cherry x5, Pineapple Chunk x2.all feminised. using 10litre Airpots. Veg with 300w cfl plus extra...
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