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  1. J


    Glad to be here. I know I will learn allot from all of you.....
  2. BernardFarms

    Hello 420mag

    I'm Just a farmer that has a passion for cannabis cultivation & breeding. I've been growing since September 12th 2001. This day was my first ever harvest, less then 24 hours after 9/11... (Smoked allot that day) "I live in the sticks and grow in high brix" I like to tell people... I came...
  3. BlueBerry1


    Just want to say hi to the 420 world. I've been growing budz for almost 10 years. When searching the web for some marijuana content I found this website. (about a month ago) At first, I just looked around. But today I took the leap of faith and registered. I respect everyone's knowledge here...