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  1. H

    Location - Office vs Apartment/house/condo

    Hey guys, I'm curious as to what would be a better grow location in a non legal state. I'm leaning towards office because average electricity usage is higher allowing me to use more watts, plus office space is relatively cheap. I definitely want opinions though , preferably from those with...
  2. N

    Need help with strange problem that's killing plants one after another

    Tried to push the necessary information into this image. Hope it helps. Here's some additional info that may help with a diagnosis. First of all this isn't my first grow, I've been growing indoors casually for over 10 years using soil and have had good success in the past. I moved into a new...
  3. TheFertilizer

    Anyone used Doc's kit in an apartment?

    I was looking at Doc's kit again, because I'm frankly sick of seeing all these gorgeous crystally buds and not having them, and I am wondering how everyone manages to find space to mix it all up. The instructions I found said I need 60 gallons of containment, so I figure I could buy two 30...
  4. K

    Ktcg First Grow - Girl Scout Cookies From Seed Outside My Door

    this is my first post and this was my first grow. i took a lot of pics! And I'm almost a week into flowering on my second grow (4 pineapple express tent, LED), which I will post about in the journals in progress. Nice to meet everyone and great site! kyle Strain: some kind of Girl Scout...
  5. SEGreenThumb

    Doopler's First Time Grow - Northern Lights x Big Bud - SSSDH

    Hello all! I have actually already started this grow a few weeks ago, seeds are now at 2 weeks. I'm gonna go back and post all of the photos I have so far leading up to this point so it is a more complete journal. My main aim in starting this journal is, of course, to get the help from you...
  6. S

    Urgent - Need advice! - Landlord busted roomie and I

    Sorry if this is wrong forum to post in or if this topic has been covered in a recent post but I kind of don't have time to spend a whole lot of time searching for hit and miss answers. I'm from Nebraska and our landlord entered our place and saw our pipe and cannabis on the table. Note the...
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