1. Ron Strider

    There's No Known Cure For Arthritis, But Marijuana Works Wonders

    Here's some good news: Medical marijuana is helping people with arthritis improve their quality of life. Most of us know someone – an aunt, uncle or grandmother – suffering from arthritis. It is one of the most common health ailments in the world, with more than 50 million people affected in...
  2. leeyong

    Cannabis infused oil for Arthritis

    Hello Everyone ! I whant to know that is there any information on the use of cannabis infused oils or any other product that helps with Arthritis?
  3. R

    Medical Marijuana For Rheumatoid Arthritis: What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You

    Some rheumatoid arthritis patients say that using forms of medical marijuana eases the pain and inflammation they suffer from their condition. Yet most doctors specializing in rheumatoid arthritis treatment were unaware that a growing body of research identifies medical marijuana's active...
  4. M

    Hi There all I'm Mark Turner

    Hi all I'm new to 420 magazine and just recently started using cannabis to help with my arthritis and my irritable bowel syndrome. I am currently using cannabis paste and find it works very well for me. I would like to know if there is anyone else on this site using cannabis paste or some other...
  5. G

    Medical MJ user from Denver, CO

    Hey all! I got my 'Red Card' as it's called a few years ago because of crippling arthritis in my hips and lower spine. I honestly hadn't given a thought to weed since my college days! I'd just been told that I could no longer use NSAIDS for my arthritis pain because I'd basically trashed my...
  6. J

    J9BLACK's 1st Grow Ever: Phototron Pro/Grow Tent/Cloning

    I am a family man and medical cannabis patient. OK, the Phototron Pro is on it's way. I also have ordered WW Feminized seeds, and a bunch of seeds whose quality and/or gender and/or strain is unknown. I plan on raising two WW mothers in the Pho-Pro, re-blooming at least twice, and cutting...
  7. L

    New From Tx

    37 yo, married mom of 3 with Chrohn's disease, severe arthritis, and shattered my l-4,l-5 vertebrae almost 13 years ago which needed major surgery. I am unable to take "conventional" medicines due to drug allergies which leave both of my auto immune diseases "un-treatable"m, and me unable to...
  8. M

    New at caregiving for my 90 year old mom, new at growing too!

    Hello everyone, About three weeks ago, my mother, who turns 91 next month, read an article in the Daily Sun about the benefits of medical marijuana. She showed it to me and asked if I thought it could help her arthritis pain. I said, let's ask your doctor; we have an appt in two days. She has...
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