1. F

    Aussie Melbourne grower and new member saying gday to y’all in growing community

    Gday y’all I’m from Melbourne, Australia and a new member to these forums and forums in general. This year (2022) was my first outdoor season growing attempt. Had a couple little plants that I’ve harvested early this morning.
  2. Curiousnoob

    Curious' Down Under Strawberry Jones Cookie Grow Adventure For April 21

    Been a while since these hands have been dirty, and this blue blood's eager to get growing! So if your passing by stop in and say G'day, pull up a chair, a cold stubbie and a sausage sanga and tell me what I'm doing wrong and how I can do it better! Updates will be at least weekly and all...
  3. Sneakygreen

    Sneaky's Outdoor Phantom OG & Pineapple Chunk

    Hello 420 fam I am back late but better then never I have a couple of plants outside again Both barbets farm feminised seeds 1x pineapple chunk and 1x Phjantom OG We are getting close to flower time here in Aus probably 3 weeks away and I'm seeing some stretch starting to happen Plants are...
  4. Sir Budlovski

    Press Reset! Budlovski's Back Again: Outdoor Aussie Grow

    So it's me for those who may remember I know the name to be familiar. I'm back to the site anyway, I never stopped growing I couldn't help myself. Havnt done anything to great in comparison to my previous grows that have featured here just a few bagseeds chucked outdoor to see what would happen...
  5. Sneakygreen

    Sneaky's Back After A Blue Dream

    Hey guys I'm back it's been a long break but I have as always a plant outside inthe great Australian sun This year I am trying out a Blue Dream CBD 10% of both thc and cbd Growing in a mixture of soil and coco in the ground. Cana nutrients I have topped her multiple times and only just tied...
  6. K

    A new Aussie Grower.

    I am also a new grower and I am learning as I go. I may ask some stupid and repetitive questions, but I'm still trying my hardest. It's good to meet all of yous. Anyone within NSW region, send me a pm if you can, thanks : )
  7. juz420

    Gday from Oz

    Hi Guys, Been lurking here for a few months, some awesome info here which has really helped me. My Goals exceeded the first time, they were a little unrealistic but I can say with the info here it was a breeze, Awesome site! Keep up the great work! - Juz420
  8. H

    Aussie smoker second time grower

    Hello 420 world from Australia They aren't shrimp they are prawn's we call ourselves Aussie 's but dont say it like the rest of the world we pronounce it like this OZZY Kangaroo's aren't absolutely everywhere they pests though. I for instance live in a smallish town in the country and have...
  9. Sir Budlovski

    BF & GF First Outdoor Grow - Bag Seed - 23 Ounces - Pounder - Aussie Aussie Aussie

    hello again everyone this is only really half a journal because its already finished im just gunna upload some pics to share some of the joy i've had in my small amount of time growing. As the title says my gf and i bothed raised this one up and was both our first outdoor goes. i Cant say the...
  10. Sir Budlovski

    New stealth TV CFL grow,tips and advice welcome!!

    hello everybody, Just thought i'd do a lil sharing with you all. did my first growing last year in an inbuilt wardrobe with my aero garden, my plant loved life with the cfl light. So know i decided to grow again except i had nowhere to conceal anything, until one day this big ass projecter tv...
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