1. J

    Problem with OG Kush Auto: light burn?

    So I recently just put a mars hydro 150watt at beginning of this grow which is currently 14 inches away- thought it was a potassium def as older leaves were browning at the edges so I upped the bites over a week and yellowing at the tops seems to have not changed- also some of the tips on the...
  2. DarionOzb

    To defoliate, or not defoliate? That is the question

    Sup everyone? Hope everyone’s doing alright nd stayin safe Here’s a little update on my last post, sorry it took so long. Im about 3 weeks into flower I believe , and I was jw if I should defoliate or not? I know my lighting is horrible, sorry about tht. Trying to save for another one of what I...
  3. WalterGamer8

    Cannot even get seeds to sprout and it's hacking me off

    So i ordered 8 seeds from seedsman and I originally germinated 4 of them all with the paper towel method and saw a white taproot and planted them into FFOF soil. I think the problem why these first 4 didnt sprout was because I was watering them too much and had them under a 600w hps light and...
  4. 64E0F1B6-B3FD-498F-8E74-E6BEEA49821A.png


    Close up of aphid
  5. ondercuver

    Over-dried my crop

    Due to circumstances , bad luck, bud rot , mildew , wife, xmas and all ....I had to cut them down a few days too early and do a fast dry . 28c in the room 30%RH , 48 hours now and buds are crispy as chips the stems not yet crispy so I stopped the dehumidifier , wait and see what happens ...
  6. S


    Are tall skinny starts bad?
  7. SmokeyBear88

    How bad is ammonia from tap water?

    Im trying to find out how bad ammonia in tap water is to organic soil. I have something for removing chlorine but Im not sure what to do about ammonia or what the acceptable level would be. Im mixing up my first batch of soil later today and this is the last thing I need to figure out.
  8. D

    Self-topping plant - Bad genetics?

    This is an Amnesia Haze auto that has started growing funky the last week/10 days. Started this one from seed on 9/17, and a bunch of seeds I started a week later have caught up in size to this one (unfortunately none of the same strain). Is this common? Bad genetics or something else? I don't...
  9. Old Hippy 127

    Bad seed or bad gardener?

    I germinate in a closed canopy (Covered tray). In Jiffy 7 pods. Temp is between 70 - 72 F. High humidity. Water adjusted to 6.4 PH. I received 14 seeds from a UK seed bank, and put them in the germination bed. My germination rate for the ten 2 Fast & 2 vast strain was 30%. The germination...
  10. P

    I just use the juice in drinks

    So i made some vape juice w the mason jar hot water bath method. It came out kinda thick, dont think it was strained enough, and didnt work well in my Ecig. It just kept clogging it up and tasting all burned. So i set the liquid aside and didnt pay much attention to it until i got to thinking...
  11. Godsgarden747

    RDWC noob plants damaged - Bad advice?

    I am running rdwc with super charged air stones and defused not to much just enough bubbles everything was going great until I got doktor doom and some fungicide I need help diagnosing the problem please any advice much appreciated. So story goes something like this guy gets free bottle of...
  12. S

    Flower or reveg?

    Bad ligth schedule made my clones flower is it a bad idea to revegge ?
  13. V

    Vchild's Hydro Bad Azz Kush Grow Journal, 2017

    Bad Azz Kush is a strain which was created by breeding a true Indica which is rich in history dating back to 98 in Los Angeles. Bad Azz originally started life from specially selected breeding by our friends in L.A. over years of careful and persistent work. By crossing the Original OG with...
  14. D

    What if my spidermites attack in bloom?

    hi i have had bad spider-mite problem , they are in the room and soap wash has not killed them all , now using a Eco oil , paraffin base , due to flip to flowering , what can i do if they attack during this flower period. have to leave tent open due to high temps and now that i know what they...
  15. ptk2k

    Can Habanero pepper spray go bad? Pesticide

    i made a batch of organic habanero pepper spray about a week and a half ago, and just got around to using it, just precautionary. but it smelled really weird. i've used pepper spray before, but this batch had a gnarly stink to it. just as much burning sensation in my nose and throat (through a...
  16. C

    Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

    Desperately need doctor in winnipeg to prescribe medical weed. I suffer with multiple sclerosis and the pain gets so bad! Please help if you can! Thanks!
  17. Justones

    Cages or supports ever used?

    Is it common place to use any cages (like tomato) or supports on some of the braches/limbs? If it's hit the beginning of flowering isn't pruning a bad thing now? So maybe support what looks weak before it buds?
  18. M

    Mold on buds?

    I had some outdoors with worms, they wend brown, white ... it was caught early so I removed it, wasn't much but there is still a bit left after they dryed. Question is how bad is it if I smoke it? I will smoke it anyway cause it's all I have but will I die? Or worse?
  19. Torst

    CKS - Early Miss at 61 Days

    Hey, These are two of my CKS Autoflower Early Miss @ 61 days above ground today. These were kind of an after thought just to fill space in my tent with the other photoperiod plants. Put two plants in this one 5 gal bucket. they also stretched like mad because the other plants that went in...
  20. A

    Night humidity

    When my lights are off the humidity rises to 100%, is that super bad? I'm thinking of leaving a fan running at night. Lemme know please it'll b greatly appreciated.
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