bag seeds

  1. WakkaDerpin

    Bag seeds

    Everything is about a week into flower and just after defoliation
  2. bioBilly

    First Journal, First Grow In 9 Years With 9 Year Old Bag Seed, Now With Blue Planet Nutrients

    I'm a little late getting this journal started. I'm just not that good at multi-tasking, and have been focused on getting everything set up after almost nine years of not being able to grow. When I started I thought I was simply going to buy a tent, put it in a corner of my office and plant some...
  3. Mariguana


    Hi everyone, I’m Mariguana. My intro to these forums will be on my first outdoor grow. I’ve been on here for a few months but just now getting into introducing myself. As of this writing my outdoor unknown strain is approximately 12 feet in height and early flower. Primarily, I’m an indoor...
  4. 01.jpg


    My first pistils from bag seed of an unknown stain.
  5. T

    Bagseed Grow

    All 8 plants are mystery seeds! I have acquired them through bags. The bud that the seeds have come from is top shelf quality. Any help in distinguishing the strain would be incredibly helpful along this journey! I am thinking that they are Indica by the way they have started growing. The...
  6. saynotomid

    First Grow With LED & HPS: Bag Seeds

    What's green with everybody. I've being waiting to start this didn't want to jinks anything but hey better late then never. Well let's start with Stats Viparspectra 300w 135 actual draw 150w HPS Sun System grow light 3 CFL bulbs 100w 24 actual draw Apollo 2 x 4 x 5 tent Fox Farm Ocean Forest...
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