1. 7 grams of decarbed weed

    7 grams of decarbed weed

    Added more as it didn’t look enough lol
  2. THC Olive Oil in the mix

    THC Olive Oil in the mix

    Mixing oil and weed flour
  3. J

    Yo yo yo, auto Northern Light, small buds? Long left?

    Hi guys and gals, this is my first grow in a very very long time and just need some re-assurance. its 8 weeks and 5 days old. I feel like the buds are not filling out and just wanted to opinions from the knowledgeable peeps on here. how long do you estimate is left? are the buds actually...
  4. E40E42C5-0E57-409E-A7A3-6B2EA10E0E5A.jpeg


    Chocolate fudge brownie
  5. Ron Strider

    These Cannabis Baking Kits Will Soon Be A Thing

    If you like the idea of making your own edibles, but aren't too sure how to actually get started, there's a new herbal baking delivery kit service out of New York that might just be the missing link in your canna quest. Baking Supply Co. has come up with "healthy baking kits for herbal...
  6. paganini

    Decarboxylating for Baking?

    The first time I made coconut cannabis oil I did not decarboxlated and used it for browines at 350 degrees for 42 minutes of baking. They were excellent. Now I learned of the process of decarbolxylating and have been doing it at 240F Degrees but is not as good. My questions is, if for baking...
  7. B

    What is better for CO2 production? Yeast or baking side and viniger?

    Yes I know that the general consensus in the community is that CO2 is only worthwhile if you buy the gas and have a elaborate nozzle system to disperse it, however I'm only going to be using it for a single plant in a sealed grow chamber of about eight teen inches wide, 3 feet long and 5 feet...
  8. BpoBrad

    What to do with this butter?

    I have about 70gs of some of the most potent KnockOut Butter as I call it, but I have no idea what to make with it I'm having chef block, I'm open to all suggestions, sweet, savory, maybe even spicy? I don't care lets get creative and help a brother out!:thanks:
  9. S

    I want to make brownies for christmas

    Hello. I am new here. I just bought a 50$ slab of cannabutter from a trusted source, and now I am reading up on all the varieties of brownie recipes. Most of them start out with having to make cannabutter first. Well, obviously mine is already made. What is the general consensus for amount of...
  10. haylofx

    Hash oil in baking?

    I can get my hands on some hash oil but have only ever used cannabutter, I am assuming I would put butter/vege oil in a saucepan and slowly warm on low heat and put the hash oil in and allow to disperse. Then use this mix in place of butter/ oil in the recipe. Has anyone ever done this? is this...
  11. B

    Oh Hai/ Food Help

    Hola my fellows. I have a question for you- I have 6g of some dank stuff and I wanted to know what food would be the best to make of this. My ideas consist of a couple of sticks of butter, however I don't know the best ratio per stick of butter (which is 4oz). Ideas would be...
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